Month: April 2017

Suitcase Six

Skyscanner: The Site for Cheap Flights

Over the past few years, the Suitcase Six has travelled to five continents and taken countless flights. In most cases, purchasing the plane ticket to a destination is our first concrete step in planning a trip and its generally the single most expensive purchase we make, so […]

Suitcase Six

My Favorite Black Leggings: Girlfriend Collective

For most of the past six years I have been wearing black leggings on a near daily basis. My regular uniform is compromise of mostly black items for a variety of reasons I will get into later, but suffice it to say I am an […]

Suitcase Six

Packing for a Weekend in Seattle

  This past weekend I went to Seattle to visit with some of the Suitcase Six to visit Tahvi. Below is my packing list – I went really light because I knew I’d be with four of my close friends with whom I could share clothes, […]

Suitcase Six

Budget Basics: Creating your Trip Budget

Figuring out how to pay for a trip can be one of the most stressful components of travel. I highly recommend creating a budget before any trip for three reasons: 1) you have a ballpark idea of how much money you need to save for […]

Suitcase Six

How to Build an Itinerary in 6 Steps

How do you go about building an itinerary for your next big adventure? There’s more than one way to plan (or not plan) a trip. From my experience I’ve developed the following rule of thumb: the less time you have in an area the more […]

Spring Has Sprung In Bloomington!

Bloomington is absolutely beautiful in the spring and I’ve been taking full advantage of it my last few weeks as a resident there. On my last walk around the neighborhood, I couldn’t stop myself from pulling out my phone to snap these beautiful flowers on every block. Spring […]

Suitcase Six

Woman of the Week: Sarah S.

  MEET THE BLOGGER My name is Sarah, and I’m the creator of Suitcase Six. I’ve already explained my inspiration for creating this site on the homepage, but I specifically created this section to get to know the women featured on Suitcase Six and their […]

Suitcase Six

Gardens by the Bay – Horticulturist Heaven

Marie and I visited the Gardens on our first day in Singapore and loved them so much that we came back on our final night, almost a month later, to see the Gardens by night. I was stunned by the variety of the gardens. We […]