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Suitcase Six white-temple-3-color 6 Mistakes I Made Backpacking Asia

6 Mistakes I Made Backpacking Asia

Last year, (2017) I spent three weeks backpacking Asia with one of the other Suitcase Six ladies. Marie and I had an unforgettable time exploring Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong together. As I reflect on our adventures, I realize we made quite a few […]

Suitcase Six ELEPHANT-1 Encountering Elephants Ethically.

Encountering Elephants Ethically.

The last stop in Thailand for Marie and I was a really special one. Elephants have long been one of my favorite animals and I really wanted to see them when I was in Thailand. That being said, I was very aware of their exploitation […]

Suitcase Six IMG_7995 5 Days in Krabi, Thailand

5 Days in Krabi, Thailand

The beginning of our 1.5 weeks in Thailand was spent on the west coast, in the town of Krabi. After a short flight from Singapore, and a quiet, 40-minute taxi ride from the Krabi airport to our accommodations at the Bananas Bungalows, Marie and I […]

Suitcase Six view-from-low-tide Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: Our Itinerary

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: Our Itinerary

In early 2017, Marie and I spent 25 beautiful days traveling Southeast Asia. Our itinerary, including dates, cities, and flight times, and accommodations are below. It’s very abbreviated, with the black and white details of where we were, when, and how much it cost us to get there or […]