Suitcase Six LEGGINGS1 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

For most of the past six years I have been wearing my black, Girlfriend Collective travel leggings on a near daily basis. (No, they’re not “officially” travel leggings, but I’ve decided they are a staple in my travel gear and will refer to them as […]

Suitcase Six BW-MONKEY 20 Tips for Sustainable Travel

20 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is a subject popping up in travel discussions with high frequency these days. In my experience, “sustainable travel” can be an overwhelming, yet simultaneously limited term.  Just existing seems to be unsustainable. Sustainable travel is not just about eliminating plastic and flying less. It also […]

Suitcase Six ELEPHANT-1 Encountering Elephants Ethically.

Encountering Elephants Ethically.

The last stop in Thailand for Marie and I was a really special one. Elephants have long been one of my favorite animals and I really wanted to see them when I was in Thailand. That being said, I was very aware of their exploitation […]

Suitcase Six plant-wall Green Singapore: A City for the Eco-Conscious

Green Singapore: A City for the Eco-Conscious

In March, I got to spend five days in Singapore with Marie and I fell in love with the place. One of the things I most appreciated about the city was that they make a noticeable effort to protect our planet and create a sustainable […]

Suitcase Six leaves Fair Trade: What's it got to do with travel?

Fair Trade: What’s it got to do with travel?

At the start of college, I began volunteering at a gift shop called Global Gifts, which is a Fair Trade store selling items from artisans around the world. Volunteering was a formative experience over the four years I helped there. It exposed me to art […]