Dutch Dining: Food in the Netherlands

After three days of eating all the food in the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, I’ve come to realize that Dutch cuisine is not a super prominent fare. We’ve come across very few restaurants serving traditional Dutch food, but countless international restaurants (especially Italian joints and Argentinian steakhouses).

Waffles and french fries are in abundant supply, though these actually originate from Belgium. Waffles can be served with lots of toppings, but nutella is my personal favorite. A pastry shop stop for coffee and a morning waffle is a cheap breakfast option widely available in Amsterdam.

We have stopped in countless cafe’s for espressos and cappuccinos as well, quite enjoying the quality of coffee in all the places we’ve gone. You can get most coffee drinks for around 3 euros.

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without a stop at the famous cheese shops. We’ve stopped in four or five to sample the different varieties this week! Since we’re visiting Belgium and then spending a few more days in Amsterdam, we’re waiting to make our cheese purchases until we get back but I have bought several to-go cups of cheese cubes with mustards and jellies for snacking on the road.

Of course, fish is a big part of the Dutch diet, with herring being a particular favorite. Knowing that, I had to give it a try on my visit! Dutch residents have been eating herring sandwiches topped with onions and sweet pickle, like the ones from Frens Haringhandel, for hundreds of years. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought they’re a delicious, relatively inexpensive, protein-packed option.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Brussels with Tahvi and Dylan, where we expect to try a lot of famous Belgian cuisine. Check back here or find me on Instagram at Suitcase Six for more photos of delicious European fare.

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