Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

For most of the past six years I have been wearing my black, Girlfriend Collective travel leggings on a near daily basis. (No, they’re not “officially” travel leggings, but I’ve decided they are a staple in my travel gear and will refer to them as such.)

My regular uniform is compromised of mostly black items for a variety of reasons I won’t even get into. Suffice it to say I am an expert of sorts in the leggings department. That being said, of the many pairs I have owned, my Girlfriend Collective travel leggings are my all-time favorite.

I’ve taken my Girlfriend Collective travel leggings all over the world.

I brought these leggings to Asia and wore them more often than you’d think given the hot, humid temperatures at the time. I’m also planning to test these on my upcoming trip to Seattle where five to the Suitcase Six will spend the weekend, and my two-week trip to Chicago, Netherlands, Belgium, and New York to confirm my thesis. I also took these leggings to Seattle, Netherlands, Belgium, Florida, New York, and Portugal! They’ve seen a lot in their few years with me.

I was lucky enough to score these leggings as part of Girlfriend Collective’s pre-launch, but the spring line should be released soon and available online. Lucky for you, they are now released and easily available in tons of great colors, among other gear. If you are in the market for a new pair, I highly recommend this brand!

Here are six reasons why you should buy Girlfriend Collective leggings the next time you’re shopping for travel gear.

  1. The leggings are made with recycled fabrics.
  2. Girlfriend Collective is SA8000 certified (the garment industry equivalent of fair trade)
  3. They are super snug and form fitting. Even after I’ve washed and dried them many times, they maintain their elasticity and color.
  4. They are high waisted! (At least the leggings offered in the launch.) I love this feature when traveling because it means I can still pair them with my crop tops if I don’t want to show my stomach. (AND I can nurse the belly aches that often accompany indulgent trips to street markets or cute cafes abroad).
  5. They have a tiny pocket on the inside, upper back side which is perfect for discretely carrying cash, identification, keys, or even a credit card while traveling. Sometimes it can be risky to carry a purse or backpack around because you stand out as a tourist. No matter what you do, people will be more likely to assume you are carrying valuables if you have a purse or bag than a person without one. The option for leaving it behind and bringing the essentials in the leggings pocket is perfect!
  6. The fabric is quick-dry. Girlfriend Collective recommends washing the leggings on the cold-cycle and hang drying them, which they note reduces energy use and is the best method for the environment.

If you’ve tried these leggings, let me know if you agree or if you prefer another brand instead.

Photos of me wearing my leggings around the United States.

Suitcase Six LEGGINGS-2-768x1024 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

Wearing my Girlfriend Collective leggings in Harry Potter World, Florida.

Suitcase Six LEGGINGS3-1024x768 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

Me, wearing my Girlfriend Collective leggings in Seattle, Washington, visiting Tahvi with the girls.

Suitcase Six LEGGINGS1-1024x1024 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

Wearing my Girlfriend Collective travel leggings on Mt. Ida in Colorado.

Suitcase Six IMG_3951-968x1024 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

On my way to Portugal, with my boyfriend, Christian – wearing my Girlfriend Collective travel leggings.

Suitcase Six white-temple-3-color-1024x683 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

I have my girlfriend collective travel leggings on here in Thailand, at the White Temple. This was a poor choice.

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