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The Suitcase Six website has a lot of travel posts, but I don’t want you to have trouble finding what you need on our site. Below are our top six categories, where you choose to view our entire post archives or peruse our content by more specific subjects. I write with a goal to help working women travel more sustainably. Still, the tips true for working women are often true for everyone! There are plenty of helpful posts for everyone with new content being added all the time.

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Not finding what you’re looking for? I haven’t been everywhere (yet!) but women around the world, and they’ve written about it on their own amazing blogs. I’ve created the Global Directory as a place to share my top recommended articles on every country so you can have resources at your fingertips no matter where you want to roam.

In 2018 I will be traveling through Europe and Asia so look out for more posts on Suitcase Six soon. I’ll be hitting up Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Russia, and China (among a few other places). Joining the mailing list below will also get you access to the monthly newsletter, where you’ll receive updates on latest posts and my most recent wanderings. You’ll also get a weekly “Country of the Month” email where I send fun facts and trivia about a randomly selected country.

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