Pinterest for Planning

While many people are probably aware of Pinterest already, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it in my posts on planning for a trip. I’ve been using Pinterest for about seven years now for lots of different things (cooking, crafting, exercise, room decorating) but its been an invaluable resource for me when I am getting ready for a trip. You can follow different “boards” which are like virtual cork boards that you “pin” photos to, or follow specific people so you get to see all the pins they post. You can also pin things to your own boards – I usually create a new board for each trip I take so I can easily refer back to helpful information I might want to access later.

On Pinterest, you can find visually appealing photos of destinations around the world to help you decide where you want to visit on your next adventure. There are also tons of tips on packing, with great infographics about packing checklists for destinations around the world, information about finding cheap flights, tricks for fitting more in a suitcase, advice on staying safe, and just about any other topic you can imagine.

I’ve created a new Pinterest page for Suitcase Six for all important travel topics; check it out at the link below for my favorite travel tips and tricks, beautiful photography, and links to other great travel bloggers and websites I use myself.

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