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Meet the Suitcase Six Women

I started this blog for a handful of reasons; the main reason is because I have grown up with five amazing women and am am constantly inspired by them. They are constantly exploring the world and finding creative ways to advance their career or education while fitting in travel, and as I’ve told friends and family about our collective journeys, I’ve realized that my friends have inspired others as well. Suitcase Six is my way of recording the adventures we’ve had and sharing our stories, in hopes that other women might find them as inspiring as I have. While I hope to feature travel wisdom a more diverse group women on Suitcase Six, these five ladies will be my main case studies in women who wander while they work.


(blog owner)

Current City: Bloomington, Indiana USA

A Favorite Trip Highlight: Swimming with sea turtles in Belize on a snorkeling trip.

Next Travel Destination: Netherlands & Belgium (June 2017)

Current Occupation: Mentoring Director for HOPE Mentoring

Must-Have Travel Item: Earplugs & my travel journal.

One place I’d visit twice: The beach! Especially in Costa Rica or Thailand.



Current City: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

A Favorite Trip Highlight:
Sitting in the ocean on a secluded beach in Thailand for 2 hours watching the sun go down. Also every museum I ever visit.

Next Travel Destination: New York & New Jersey, USA (July 2017)

Current Occupation: Barista & Freelance Motion Graphics Artist

Must-Have Travel Item: My DSLR (canon t3i) & sunscreen.

One place I’d visit twice: Paris



Current City: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

A Favorite Trip Highlight: Seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London.

Next Travel Destination:  Chicago, Illinois USA

Current Occupation: Nursing Student

Must-Have Travel Item: A flowy black cotton dress.

One place I’d visit twice: Ireland



Current City: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

A Favorite Trip Highlight: Motorbiking in Pai, Thailand.

Next Travel Destination: Croatia (August, 2017)

Current Occupation: Management Consulting Analyst

Must-Have Travel Item: Hair tools that work with any wattage and a hydration pack.

One place I’d visit twice: Edinburgh




Current City: Tempe, Arizona USA

A Favorite Trip Highlight: Horseback riding in the Andes while in Mendoza.

Next Travel Destination: Seattle, Washington USA (May 2017)

Current Occupation: Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

Must-Have Travel Item: A corkscrew.

One place I’d visit twice: Malaga, Spain



Current City: Seattle, Washington USA

A Favorite Trip Highlight: Climbing Volcán San Pedro.

Next Travel Destination: Victoria BC, Canada (July 2017)

Current Occupation: Post-bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Must-Have Travel Item: My Birkenstock sandals.

One place I’d visit twice: Paris



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