Suitcase Six August Updates

This month, as predicted, was a whirlwind of activity for the Suitcases Six collectively!

Suitcase Six  At the beginning of the month, I had my wisdom teeth taken out which was quite a taxing experience. Fortunately, Christian took great care of me and it gave me extra time to plan our trip to Portugal at the beginning of October (more on that here).

It was a crazy month at work as our college mentors returned to campus and we celebrated our kickoff for the school year. Our goal this year is to go from 15 mentors to 40, having 10 mentors per each of the four juvenile correctional facilities. It’s a huge goal, and I have my work cut out for me over the coming months before our work trip to Norway.


Laura and her boyfriend, Jordan, came to visit in Indianapolis and got to witness my swollen cheeks and pathetic behavior in all its glory. We had a lovely bonfire at Laura’s house, which served as another final send-off party of sorts for Marie who left for California the next day.


Marie and her boyfriend, Adam, spent the second half of the the month in Los Angeles staying at a guest house as they sought out an apartment. They were successful and signed a lease last week, sharing this adorable picture.

Suitcase Six

Anna accepted a job offer in Chicago and signed a lease in the windy-city as well, so she’ll be making moves this month making me the final Suitcase Six member to be living in Indiana.


Tahvi came to Indy at the end of the month and we had several game nights with our friends in town (one of which was also a Game of Thrones night that had me wanderlusting after historic castles – just in time for Portugal, perhaps!) Tahvi’s boyfriend, Andrew, made it to Indy as well for the last two game nights and we had so much fun I didn’t even get any photos of us all together!


Melissa left Croatia and is now in the Czech Republic in Prague a month into her remote year. So far it seems to be going smoothly spare an uber-situation gone wrong that resulted in a lost iPhone. We’ve all been so busy we haven’t had much time to chat and hear the details of her adventures, but hopefully this month will settle down a bit!


Congratulations to Anna on the new job and Marie on the new apartment! I’m so proud of my ladies kicking ass in school, work, and wandering. I’ll be back next month with more updates, and hopefully a few more photos.

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