Suitcase Six July Updates

This past month has been a busy one for the Suitcase Six ladies! Here’s some of the big news:

1. Melissa and Marie both celebrated a birthday this month. I love the summer (we have four Suitcase Six birthdays between June and July) and it means we get together more than usual to celebrate each of us starting another year.

2. After spending some time in London and Turkey with family, Laura is here for a week in Indianapolis, so Anna, Marie, Laura and I are spending as much time together as we can while we’re all briefly in the city together.

Suitcase Six
Photo credits to Sally (Marie’s mom) for getting this pic of the four Suitcase Six girls in Indy – Anna, Marie, Laura & Sarah from left to right.

3. Marie had a going away celebration as she’s been getting ready to move from Indiana to Los Angeles, California next weekend.

Suitcase Six
The crew who came out to celebrate Marie and Adam (far left) moving to California next weekend!

4. Melissa left for Crotia at the end of the month, starting out her first month of Remote Year there!!

We’re sure this month will be another hectic one and I hope to share lots of posts with you about the Suitcase Six, work, and travel. Follow us @ Suitcase Six on Facebook & Instagram so you don’t miss anything.


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