How Global Health Jobs Offer Unique Travel Opportunities: A Woman of the Week Interview

Mountains in Philippines from global health worker Kat on her travels

When you hear the words “lab manager” you probably think of high school science class. You’d sometimes be right, but then again, it’s Kat’s work as lab manager and medical monitor for clinical research studies that led her to Uganda, where I got to spend a few weeks with her in Kampala last fall. Outside […]

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Meet the Owner: Behind the Ecuador-Inspired, Eco-Luxe Collections of NINAKURU

By now you all probably know I consider sustainable fashion and consumption an integral part of sustainable travel, and I’m constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly and ethical brands. It’s no surprise then that I was thrilled to come across the brand NINAKURU who exemplifies all of the business practices I look for; sustainable materials, […]

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How Brands like NINAKURU are Leading the Fashion Revolution (+NINAKURU Bag Review)

I’m constantly on the lookout for ethical brands and products that are sustainably sourced, especially right now as we’re entering Fashion Revolution Week. Fashion Revolution Week is about calling for a revolution in the fashion industry, away from fast fashion at the expense of the planet and workers, and toward sustainable manufacturing and ethical business. […]

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77 Eco-Friendly Hotels in Norway

Are you planning a trip to Norway and looking for sustainable accommodation options? I’ve got you covered. In this post you’ll find over 77+ eco-friendly hotels in Norway, plus hostels, eco-lodges, and other types of accommodation. I’m compiling this list based on hotels who have achieved reputable sustainability certifications, so I’ll explain what those certifications […]

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