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Month: August 2017

Suitcase Six IMG-9104-2 Woman of the Week: Carina

Woman of the Week: Carina

I met Carina online through the blogging world and was immediately inspired by her blog, The Undiscovered Journey. Nearly everything she writes resonates with me and I’m inspired by her bold celebration of women and the adventures she’s created for herself. Carina is just beginning another ambitious […]

Suitcase Six IMG_8511 Singapore Prison Systems

Singapore Prison Systems

Why the country’s criminal justice system is ranked #4 in the world. 2016 was a big year for Singapore prisons systems and criminal justice. There was a change of command with Mr. Desmond Chin taking over as commissioner for the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), replacing […]

Suitcase Six 20986257_1905003216182043_1069801792_n-2 Woman of the Week: Maya

Woman of the Week: Maya

Maya is a student at Indiana University whom I met through her older brother, Adam. One of the Suitcase Six ladies, Marie, has been dating Adam for a few years so I’ve gotten to know Maya through group hangouts of mutual friends in our circles. I […]

Suitcase Six IMG_7995 5 Days in Krabi, Thailand

5 Days in Krabi, Thailand

The beginning of our 1.5 weeks in Thailand was spent on the west coast, in the town of Krabi. After a short flight from Singapore, and a quiet, 40-minute taxi ride from the Krabi airport to our accommodations at the Bananas Bungalows, Marie and I […]

Suitcase Six Picture4 Woman of the Week: Laura

Woman of the Week: Laura

Laura is my oldest friend – we met in second grade as 7 and 8 year olds and have been running around together ever since. We’ve gone to the same schools up until college, and I’ve been so lucky to have such a steady friend for […]

Suitcase Six IMG_8713 Top Unexpected Travel Careers: Jobs That Allow You to Travel That Aren’t in the Travel Industry

Top Unexpected Travel Careers: Jobs That Allow You to Travel That Aren’t in the Travel Industry

I spent a lot of time researching travel careers and jobs that require travel as I entered college. For the most part, I found the same few opportunities. I could volunteer for a few years with Peace Corps, become a travel blogger or social media […]

Suitcase Six sunshine_blogger_award-2 Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everyone – I have exciting news! I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award by Kate with A Sprinkle of Everything who was gracious enough to give Suitcase Six a glance. You should check out her amazing lifestyle blog for lots of great posts […]

Suitcase Six IMG_3344 Woman of the Week: Leana

Woman of the Week: Leana

I met Leana through work – she was a longtime colleague of my boss, Dr. Ochoa, and a close friend who now works with us on our HOPE projects in the juvenile correctional facilities. I quickly found out that she has had a lifelong passion of traveling and although […]

Suitcase Six ARCH2 How Accessible Is Malaysia?

How Accessible Is Malaysia?

Of the places I visited in Southeast Asia, Malaysia was one where I experienced the most intense culture shock. This was likely intensified by factors like illness and jetlag, which are not directly related to Malaysia and can be attributed to mistakes we made. None […]

Suitcase Six tye-3 Woman of the Week: Tyeisha

Woman of the Week: Tyeisha

Tyeisha is an undergraduate student at Indiana University, who I’ve worked with in two mentoring programs there, College Mentors for Kids & HOPE Mentoring, where I currently work. She’s an incredibly sweet person who has just recently caught the travel bug, and it was a pleasure to interview […]