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Month: January 2018

Suitcase Six LAVIS-BOAT Woman of the Week: Elizabeth

Woman of the Week: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, our last woman of the week this January, who is currently working as a freelance writer. You can witness her writing chops in this interview where she shares her spot-on advice about risk-taking and the challenges of working remotely while traveling. To see what it is that […]

Suitcase Six view-1 Woman of the Week: Leslie

Woman of the Week: Leslie

Meet our Woman of the Week: Leslie Yeh – a Los Angeles based artist advertising by day and travel blogging by night. (Or something like that!) Leslie has one of the hands-down most graphically pleasing travel sites I’ve come across yet. Highly organized and full of cute, creative graphics, […]

Suitcase Six LEGGINGS1 Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

Girlfriend Collective Travel Leggings

For most of the past four years I have been wearing my black, Girlfriend Collective travel leggings on a near daily basis. (No, they’re not “officially” travel leggings, but I’ve decided they are a staple in my travel gear and will refer to them as […]

Suitcase Six Paroma-Mural3 Woman of the Week: Paroma

Woman of the Week: Paroma

Paroma is a fellow travel blogger whom I’ve been following about since I started blogging myself! I came across her work early on and became a quick fan of her doggie and foodie-friendly travel posts. This awesome woman works in the science industry, and even […]

Suitcase Six Kate-Grand-Canyon-Arizona Woman of the Week: Kate

Woman of the Week: Kate

This week’s featured lady is miss Kate, an accountant with a passion for exploring in her spare time. We share a love for eating our way around the globe, and soon Kate will also be launching her own travel blog, Explorabella! As she explains, travel isn’t […]

Suitcase Six Christine-Siargao_Philippines-2 Woman of the Week: Christine

Woman of the Week: Christine

When I was first talking with Christine, I was surprised to find out that we had a lot in common. Both of us are graduates of the same college – Indiana University! Though Christine majored in Business while I studied History, we both share a passion for food and […]