2020 Travel Resolutions: My Plans, Goals, and Unknowns for a New Decade

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A new year and decade are upon us! If you didn’t know, your girl is a HUGE fan of lists and resolutions and I look forward to new starts and milestones. I think writing my goals down helps me track my progress and pushes me to achieve more than I would without them. So I’m making this an annual tradition, and sharing my 2020 travel resolutions with you all to keep me accountable.

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This year, I’m setting 20 goals/resolutions, whatever you want to call them. (Don’t worry, next year I’m probably going to start over with 1 rather than aim for 21.) Some are specific to being on the road, and others are in the spirit of expanding my world view even when I’m back in Indiana. I hope you find some inspiration for your own travels from this list! I’m excited for 2020 and can’t wait to get started working on my goals.

My 2020 Travel Resolutions

Listen to music from 50 countries 

Spotify told me I listed to music from 35 countries this year, so I’m upping the ante.

Visit 6 new countries

These will most likely include some countries in East to Southern Africa, and possibly Europe if I’m accepted to the master’s programs I’ve applied to. India and the United Arab Emirates are booked for January so that’s a great start.

Read 1 book a month from international authors

I was inspired by two bloggers to set this goal: Two Dusty Travelers, who read 35 books by women or people of color this year, and The Uncorked Librarian, who just released a book challenge for 2020 that I signed up for and am so looking forward to!

Complete all the lessons from Learn Luganda (96)

Lugandan is the local language of Kampala and some surrounding areas. I’m aiming to become conversational by the time Christian ends his job working there, in some four or five years. 

Take 3 online courses – one related to sustainability, one related to blogging/business, and one for fun

I took two classes this year on Coursera – one on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the other on International Organization Management. I want to keep up my learning but include a little more lighthearted exploration.

Learn to cook 1 international vegan dish each month

In keeping with my goals of eating a vegan diet and exploring the world from home. 

Follow more women of color bloggers 

The Awkward Traveler has some awesome roundups that I’ve followed, and I’m hoping this will only expose me to others in their networks throughout the year. 

Write 5 blog posts on Indiana

I’ll be in Indiana at least from February – mid June so I want to explore my own town a bit more!

Include 6 new interviews on my blog in the Woman of the Week series

The end of the year was super slow for doing interviews, so I’m hoping to pick that back up. 

Go Scuba Diving!

I did the refresher course in 2019…now just have to actually get diving…

See all of the Suitcase Six ladies and my sister this year

I’m not sure how feasible a reunion is this year, though I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Short of that, I’m hoping to see all my favorite ladies at least some time this year individually.

Start a master’s program OR find another remote job

I should hear back about the two programs I applied to by March and would start in September if accepted. If not, I’m going to be throwing my resume at a whole lot of places searching for something new that wil let me stay on the road. I’m ending my formal time with HOPE Mentoring in May after working there since 2015. 

Visit one new US state

Not sure where, but I’m hoping to take Amtrak to visit some of my friends out west and anticipate this might give me an opportunity to explore a new state!

Eat vegan 25 days of each month

Not as much of a travel goal as it is related to sustainability, but it’s going on this list anyway.

I realized during this year that I lost track of cheat days and might be more successful by setting a clear number of times I’m going to give myself some wiggle room. I think that knowing I’m building in a few days to eat fish or dairy might make me feel less drastic in giving up some of my past favorite foods forever. And maybe even help me stick to a vegan diet OVER 25 days a month!

Attend a conference

Whether for work, travel, or something else – I’m open to possibilities but want to try and do some learning in this way in 2020. 

Still on the list from last year….

Read 1 news article in Spanish a week

I’m trying to create a more tangible goal for improving my Spanish this year.

Go for at least 1 hike per month (6 new hikes)

Last year I had a goal of being outside more. This year I’m trying to make this goal more tangible too, forcing my goal of being outdoors more often.

Take a cooking class

Fly less than I did in 2019 (23 legs of flights)

Attend 3 political events

I’m not setting a goal of traveling explicitly with these, but hope that this will encourage me to get involved in my local politics, and politics on a global level, wherever I might end up. I’d love to attend some sustainability related events in particular. 

So, there it is! 20 goals for 2020. 

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What travel do I have on the calendar already?

Christian and I will be visiting Mumbai, Goa, and Abu Dhabi on our way home from Uganda this year. We also have possible plans for Bonnaroo in Tennessee, and a wedding in Mexico in June before we head back to Uganda through mid-August. 

There aren’t any flights directly into Uganda from the US, so our goal is to take as many different routes of two flights, stopping on the layovers to explore new cities for a few days. We’re considering taking the bus to Chicago and then flying into London, and taking ferries/trains to Belgium or another city that does have direct flights into Entebbe. Another option is Istanbul, Turkey.

It looks like Christian might be in Uganda next from Mid-October through the end of 2020 too. If I get into the master’s programs I applied to, I’ll be off to Europe for class. Otherwise, I’m planning to stay in Africa between Mid-August and Mid-October to do overland travel, saving two big flights, and hopefully seeing some new countries while I’m at it.

It will be another busy year, especially as I start the job search process in the spring, but I’m READY. Bring it on 2020. Let’s see what you have in store.

Drop into the comments & let me know what your travel goals are for 2020!

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2020 Travel Resolutions: My Plans, Goals, and Unknowns for a New Decade