6 Sustainable Vegan Makeup Brands

I’m back with another post in my mini-series on sustainable brands and products, this time with 6 sustainable vegan makeup brands I think you all will love.

This time you’ll find vegan lipsticks in metal tins, vegan mineral powders in cardboard containers, and even biodegradable glitter. Some brands included offer specific vegan options, but most are completely vegan.

I’ve tried to include brands which nearly or completely eliminate plastic, and have intentionally designed their packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Remember to choose a vendor nearest you to minimize your shipping carbon footprint, and skip the rush shipping unless it’s really an emergency. Though honestly, biodegradable glitter might just fit that criteria!

1. Clean Faced Cosmetics

Website: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CleanFacedCosmetics/ | Price Range: $4-$12 (Michigan, USA)

Clean Faced Cosmetics is rocking the vegan makeup game with amazing zero-waste options on their Etsy site. A top product is their aluminum tin of zero-waste, vegan cake mascara, which double as eyeliner, for around $12-16. You can find your classic blacks and browns, right alongside some funky hues of purples and golds!

Lip balms in 10+ shades, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, foundations, moisturizers, and cleansing oil – all vegan – are available for around $10 a product.

You can even create your own makeup pallete, choosing from any 4 Clean Faced Comestic core products (mascaras, eyeshadows, and powder makeups)!

I’m obsessed with their cleansing oil which actually makes me excited to take my makeup off each day, and their bronzer which has a yummy cinnamon scent.

2. ECO Minerals

Website: https://www.ecominerals.com.au | Price Range: $20-$40 (Byron Bay, Australia)

The ECO Minerals makeup brand features mineral foundations, as you might have guessed. They’re 100% pure and natural, providing SPF 24 coverage and they are available in matte or fresh finish. Take the Eco Minerals quick online quiz to figure out which colors and products they’d recommend for you.

Don’t forget a sample size or eco-friendly refill in one of their plastic-free satchels! Their foundations, along with their other beauty products, are all vegan and cruelty free.

3. Zerra & Co

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZerraCo | Price Range: $10-$25 (Maryland, USA)

Another great option for mineral foundation is from Zerra & Co, a sustainable makeup shop on Etsy whose products are all zero-waste. Even the refills and shipping are zero waste, down to the tape! Their mineral powder foundations, which you can get in ten beautiful shades, come in compostable cardboard holders.

Some items do contain animal products (beeswax, honey) in the Zerra & Co shop, but their mineral foundations, blushes, glitter (biodegradable!) and eyeshadows are all completely vegan.

I personally have tried one of their foundation samples and loved the solid coverage it gave without feeling heavy or looking cakey. I can’t wait to re-order and grab some of their full sized products.

4. Keeping It Natural

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KeepingItNatural/ | Price Range: $10-20 (Ohio, USA)

For my lipstick lovers, Keeping It Natural has you covered with 22 colors of vegan, zero waste lipsticks – for only $12 each. There’s also a cake mascara that comes in brown or black. Everything comes in a super cute metal tin you could definitely reuses when the makeup is gone.

Their Etsy site has over 2500 reviews with an average of 5 stars, and many of them mention the awesome customer service of the shop owner.

screenshot of 8 tins of lipsticks

5. Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics Ltd

Website: https://angelfacemineralcosmetics.com | Price Range: $15-25 (United Kingdom)

Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics is an amazing brand offering vegan, and palm oil free brushes and cosmetics in sustainable packaging. They pay attention to where they source their products to avoid child labour, and offer 100% biodegradable refills for their bamboo mineral pots. Though the bamboo versions contain some plastic, they’ve been designed to look beautiful and last forever, and since they’re refillable, you’ll never need a new one!

You could also refill their bamboo container with any other brand’s mineral powders (or put Angel Face minerals in a pre-existing container from a different brand if you already have one.)

They also offer an eco-pot alternative which is not refillable, but is 100% biodegradable itself. So many options.

6. River Organics (North Carolina, USA)

Website: https://riverorganics.org | Price range: $4-$20 (North Carolina, USA)

If you love the eco-friendly cardboard tube concept, you’ll love the River Organics line. Their lipsticks, blushes, highlighter, and bronzer all come in the cute tubes and are all vegan and cruelty free! I personally love the tube design because they’re super easy to throw in your purse and travel with, and I think they look so much nicer and more natural.

River Organics also carries vegan deodorant in a travel sized metal container (for only $5). Their concealers and cleansing oils are vegan too – plus the cardboard concealer containers are too cute!

photo of opened cardboard vegan concealer by River Organics, one of my recommended sustainable vegan makeup brands

I’m super excited to add to this list and really enjoyed searching through makeup brands and discovering these awesome options. It’s encouraging to see the list of vendors who offer vegan and sustainable options grow.

If you have brands you think I should add to future editions of this post, or other posts in the sustainable brands/products series, email me at suitcasesix@gmail.com!

6 Sustainable Vegan Makeup Brands