77 Eco-Friendly Hotels in Norway

Are you planning a trip to Norway and looking for sustainable accommodation options? I’ve got you covered. In this post you’ll find over 77+ eco-friendly hotels in Norway, plus hostels, eco-lodges, and other types of accommodation. I’m compiling this list based on hotels who have achieved reputable sustainability certifications, so I’ll explain what those certifications are and what they mean too.

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Primary sustainability certifications

Some of these hotels are in chains that are popular in Norway and who are very transparent about their sustainability efforts. You’ll see in the list of eco-friendly hotels that there are two major chains which have clear outlines of how they try to be eco-friendly outlined on their websites: Thon Hotels and Scandic Hotels.

Thon Hotels and sustainability

Thon Hotel has the Eco-Lighthouse certification and EcoLighhouse is is certified per the ISO-9001:2015 standard. It’s kind of a complicated web, but basically ISO is a non-profit that brings experts together from around the world to decide on standards for different industries, like hotels. The experts create the standards of good practice in each industry, and then ISO works with organizations to meet those standards and certify them as having met that criteria. All of these certifications are indicating the following for Thon Hotels:

  • Waste reduction and environmentally friendly waste disposal
  • Energy efficiency
  • Using and ordering environmentally friendly products
  • Taking measures to improve our work environment
  • Organic food

You can also find their full 2018 sustainability report, info on their initiatives at souring sustainable food, reducing food and energy waste, and supporting socially responsible practices like purchasing restaurant supplies from small local vendors.

Scandic Hotels and sustainability

Scandic hotels have three certifications: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Green Globe certification, and the EU Ecolabel. These overlap in lots of areas, but Scandic has a big focus on inclusive workplaces and eco-friendly hotel operations, with a goal of being the hotel company with the lowest CO2 emissions this year.

Eco-friendly Hotels in Østlandet (East) Norway

The following hotels are all located in the eastern region of Norway, which includes the capital of Oslo city, the Oslo airport, and surrounding areas like Fredrikstad (where I stayed for week when I was in Norway with HOPE Mentoring), Lillehammer, and Drammen.

Visit the Norway Global Directory for resources on planning your Norwegian adventure.

Eco-friendly Hotels in Sørlandet Norway (South)

The following hotels are all located in the southernmost portion of Norway, which includes Agder, Vest-Agder, and Aust-Agder counties, encompassing the cities of Kristiansand and Arendal cities. It’s an informal designation – cities like Haguesund and Stavanger are technically included in West Norway though they visibly may appear to be in the South on the map.

Thon Hotel KristiansandScandic Kristiansand Bystranda
Thon Hotel NorgeScandic Grimstad
Thon Hotel ParkenScandic Sørlandet

Eco-friendly Hotels in Vestlandet Norway (West)

The following hotels are all located in the western part of Norway, from Rogaland up through Møre og Romsdal, including major cities like Bergen, Stavanger, Flam, Odda, Haguesund, and Kristiansund:

Scandic Bergen CityThon Hotel Orion
Scandic Torget BergenThon Hotel Bristol, Bergen
Scandic ØrnenThon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen
Scandic NeptunBergen Harbour Hotel
Scandic Flesland AirportScandic Kokstad
Scandic Byparken
Thon Hotel StorgataThon Hotel Surnadal
Thon Hotel MoldefjordThon Hotel Kristiansund
Thon Hotel Backlund
Smarthotel ForusThon Hotel Maritim
Scandic ForumThon Hotel Sandnes
Scandic Stavanger ParkThon Hotel Stavanger
Scandic Stavanger Airport
Scandic HaugesundBanken Hotel

Eco-friendly Hotels in Trøndelag Norway (Central)

The following hotels are all located in central Norway, roughly everything from Møre og Romsdal up through Northern Trondheim.

Thon Hotel NidarosScandic Bakklandet
Thon Hotel PrinsenScandic Lerkendal
Thon Hotel TrondheimScandic Nidelven
Scandic Solsiden

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77 Eco-Friendly Hotels in Norway