BornWild: Where unique adventure meets wildlife conservation.

I’ve found another incredible tour company that I want to shout about from the rooftops! BornWild offers once-in-a-lifetime itineraries and the best part is each ticket sold supports wildlife conservation efforts around the world. Unique adventures plus wildlife conservation…does it get much better than that?

I’m thrilled to have connected with Kate, the founder of BornWild and curator of incredible trips through Scotland, France, Tanzania, and even New York. Kate shared a bit of the backstory of her journey with entrepreneurship and what drove her to start BornWild in this guest post.

Give this post a read and then make sure to check out the BornWild website for the most up-to-date trip offerings. You can book through me (your eco-friendly travel agent) or book directly through BornWild for what is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.

I started BornWild over 5 years ago, through my love for unconventional adventures, globetrotting and my passions to help wild animals. I wanted to create trips that were different to anything else on the market, bring people together through their passion for unique travel and give them the opportunity to make a positive impact for wildlife conservation too.

When I started BornWild, I was really just a one-woman-show and did everything from business operations to guiding the trips. I soon realised that this was a mammoth task and I needed help. We now have all our trips guided by amazing guides and work with super talented people which is what makes BornWild an exceptional travel company. We pride ourselves on great customer service, incredible global adventures and wild animal conservation at our core.

I strive to make a change for wild animal conservation as much as I can through every trip. Wild animal conservation has been a passion of mine for many many years and it’s really important to me that we continue to push a positive change forward. Not all our trips are geared towards learning about conservation and that’s how we like it. We have a very popular hiking trip in the NY Catskills called ‘The Secret Ruin Hike’ that has nothing to do with wild animals but part of the profits go towards helping them which I love to tell people about after the hike.

I am also really excited to say that BornWild is making strides in its developments to create a better world and we have 2 new components aside from supporting wild animal conservation. We are now carbon neutral and offset our carbon footprint wherever we can. We will also be offering our travellers to do the same when they purchase a ticket with us. We are also determined to reduce our plastic bottle waste too. We make it our mission to seek out plastic alternatives through every trip and encourage our travellers to use reusable water bottles whenever possible. The more people become aware of it – the more inclined they are to do it and we are a helping hand in that.

What sets us apart from other travel companies is our strong emphasis and commitment to wild animal conservation. We give as much as we can to make a difference and I am always on the lookout to create signature projects for BornWild too. Take a look at the projects we have helped so far here.

We have a wonderful trip that is launching soon called the African Lion Safari. It’s an incredible adventure and one of its kind. We are bridging lion conservation with adventure travel. Allowing our travellers to experience a trip of a lifetime in Tanzania and learn about lion conservation along the way. Our expedition takes us on a rare route through Tanzania – exploring one of the most extraordinary journeys in Africa. Our tour embarks in the heart of Tanzania, as we travel through the densely populated national parks brimming with adventure and beauty. Experiencing Tanzania for the first time, our travellers get to witness the magnificent Great Migration, the Serengeti, the stunning Great Rift Valley and more.

These points of interest coupled with the rare wildlife is just the pinnacle of what we’ll encounter on our wild and extraordinary expedition. Our African safari trip will also highlight Lion Conservation and we will be exposing our travellers to resources and experiences you will only encounter through this adventure. Experiencing lion conservation in action! We will be accompanying one of the world’s best lion conservation experts and registered conservation charity to enable you to broaden your safari experience above and beyond your wildest dreams.

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BornWild: Where unique adventure meets wildlife conservation.