Top 10 Attractions to Visit In Dubai

Contrary to common assumption, Dubai is not just home to lavish hotels and shopping malls. Anew generation of tourists are being attracted to this large desert city by the ongoing constructionof renowned cultural institutions, museums, and design-focused businesses. If you enjoy anadrenaline rush, other exciting possibilities include jumping into the world’s largest dive pool orsliding […]

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Bushpig Backpackers Hostel – Home Away from Home in Kampala, Uganda [A Review]

The Bushpig Backpackers Hostel Concept Bushpig Backpackers is my home away from home in Uganda. This colorful hostel offers a fantastic location in Kampala, Uganda’s capitol, with affordable prices, great food, and a super fun atmosphere that makes it easy to meet fellow travelers and locals alike. If you’re looking for a place where you […]

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BornWild: Where unique adventure meets wildlife conservation.

I’ve found another incredible tour company that I want to shout about from the rooftops! BornWild offers once-in-a-lifetime itineraries and the best part is each ticket sold supports wildlife conservation efforts around the world. Unique adventures plus wildlife conservation…does it get much better than that? I’m thrilled to have connected with Kate, the founder of […]

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Important Lessons We Can Learn From Hawai’i About Sustainable Tourism

Diamond Head Crater, O'ahu, Hawai'i

Hawai’i has faced major struggles with over-tourism in recent years, barring the huge decline in visitors it experienced during 2020 and 2021 from COVID. Recently, they created a DMAP (destination management action plan) for O’ahu to help curb over-tourism and restructure their tourism industry to prioritize sustainable development and regenerative travel. There is a lot […]

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15 Most Sustainable Places You Didn’t Know Existed

If you search for a list of eco-friendly cities around the world, you’ll see the same places rise to the top of the list. Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam. San Francisco. San Diego. Singapore. These are a combination of the most “green” and most visited cities, but it leaves off a ton of lesser-known, fascinating places […]

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