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Belgium Archives

Planning a trip to Belgium? Start here in the Suitcase Six Belgium archives to see what resources we’ve got for you. I share where we stayed, our basic itinerary, and a few places you really can’t miss.

Suitcase Six GRAND-PALACE 3 Days in Belgium

3 Days in Belgium

Our three day itinerary through Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges.

Suitcase Six BIKES 6 Ways to Save in Amsterdam & Belgium

6 Ways to Save in Amsterdam & Belgium

Amsterdam is not an inexpensive city, and Belgium didn’t do my wallet many favors either.  To be fair, I didn’t make a huge effort to pinch pennies but checking my bank account on the tail end of the trip was a bit jarring. Reflecting on […]

Suitcase Six STREET-WAY How Accessible Are Netherlands and Belgium?

How Accessible Are Netherlands and Belgium?

Reflecting on my time in Netherlands and Belgium, I noted a few things that made it particularly easy to navigate. I also realized a few factors that could potentially make backpacking this region a bit more difficult. I wanted to share my thoughts on Netherlands […]

Suitcase Six living-room-views The Residence Les Ecrins

The Residence Les Ecrins

When I’m travelling, I typically stay in hostel dorm rooms because it’s generally less expensive. This time in Belgium though, we sprung for something a little different and loved it! Hostels can be great places to meet other travelers which can be a big priority, especially […]