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Posts on what to bring, how to pack, planning, budgeting, and other tips and tricks for planning an adventure. Don’t leave the house with your suitcase a mess! Get the best secrets here.

Suitcase Six BW-MONKEY 20 Tips for Sustainable Travel

20 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is a subject popping up in travel discussions with high frequency these days. In my experience, “sustainable travel” can be an overwhelming, yet simultaneously limited term.  Just existing seems to be unsustainable. Sustainable travel is not just about eliminating plastic and flying less. It also […]

Suitcase Six white-temple-3-color 6 Mistakes I Made Backpacking Asia

6 Mistakes I Made Backpacking Asia

Last year, (2017) I spent three weeks backpacking Asia with one of the other Suitcase Six ladies. Marie and I had an unforgettable time exploring Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong together. As I reflect on our adventures, I realize we made quite a few […]

Suitcase Six BIKES 6 Ways to Save in Amsterdam & Belgium

6 Ways to Save in Amsterdam & Belgium

Amsterdam is not an inexpensive city, and Belgium didn’t do my wallet many favors either.  To be fair, I didn’t make a huge effort to pinch pennies but checking my bank account on the tail end of the trip was a bit jarring. Reflecting on […]

Suitcase Six 6-2 Pinterest for Planning

Pinterest for Planning

While many people are probably aware of Pinterest already, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it in my posts on planning for a trip. I’ve been using Pinterest for planning for about seven years now for lots of different things (cooking, crafting, exercise, […]

Suitcase Six IMG_2813 Six Steps to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

Six Steps to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

There are two types of people. The first are the procrastinators, who throw all their things together in a suitcase an hour before heading to the airport. The second are the planners, who stress and labor over every item, anxious about forget something anything. No matter […]