6 Sustainable Vegan Makeup Brands

I’m back with another post in my mini-series on sustainable brands and products, this time with 6 sustainable vegan makeup brands I think you all will love. This time you’ll find vegan lipsticks in metal tins, vegan mineral powders in cardboard containers, and even biodegradable glitter. Some brands included offer specific vegan options, but most […]

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Sustainable Product Recommendations: A Mini-Series Introduction

Over the past two years, I’ve been researching and writing about how we can each travel more sustainably in our daily lives. What I’ve realized about sustainable travel is this: it really comes down to developing sustainable habits that we practice each day, so that we can continue to implement them while we’re on the […]

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Why This Scuba Instructor Switched To A Menstrual Cup Instead Of Tampons

For many of us ladies, dealing with our periods is a huge annoyance, expense, and literal pain. Most of us can relate to the fear of getting our periods during our long-awaited beach vacation, or the panic when we realize we’ve gotten our period and don’t have the necessary supplies on us. For swimmers and […]

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Sustainable Travel and Responsible Tourism: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Adventure

These views of the Charles Bridge in Prague would be a lot less enjoyable if the streets were littered with plastic. Practice responsible tourism and reduce, reuse, recycle!

The tourism industry is constantly evolving and new trends always emerging as more people take to exploring the world every year. Sustainable travel and responsible tourism are two of the many terms to enter the travel lexicon in recent years. Given the environmental issues our planet is facing, both concepts are probably travel trends that […]

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Slow Travel: What it Is and Why You Should Try It

A turquoise building with lots of windows towers over passerby in the street.

Slow travel – are you familiar with it? I hadn’t heard of this concept until the past year or so when I started meeting people who worked remotely or traveled for a living. (Yes, those people do exist, making a living off of sharing their travel stories through blog, video, and the like. I can […]

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Ethical Travel Mistakes: 5 Things We Wouldn’t Do Again and Their Responsible Alternatives

A whale shark swimming under water

All travelers would like to think our trips are harmless, that tourism is an industry void of ethical issues. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite the opposite. Many aspects of the tourism industry leave the places we visit in worse shape than we left them, whether the impact be on the environment, the wildlife, or the locals themselves. It’s […]

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An Eco-Friendly Packing List for Sustainable Travel

Traveling sustainably can be difficult, especially on longer journeys. Without the comforts of home at your disposal, taking steps to be eco-friendly on the road requires a little extra planning and effort. Fortunately, it’s not impossible! I’ve created an eco-friendly packing list with the items that have helped me on my six month journey so […]

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8 Environmentally Friendly Adventures to Discover Around the World

A sea turtle swims through the turquoise ocean waters in Apo Island.

Celebrating our Magnificent Planet on Earth Day     Earth Day is a day for to reflect on and appreciate our beautiful planet. But nowadays, so many of us are worried about our environment that on Earth Day, we recommit to looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. For us travelers, that means exploring sustainable […]

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