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Suitcase Six posts on sustainable attractions. Includes posts on ethical animal encounters, tips for traveling more sustainably, and things to avoid for a more eco-friendly adventure. Sustainability can be an overwhelming subject, but with these Suitcase Six posts, it doesn’t have to be.

Suitcase Six ELEPHANT-1 Encountering Elephants Ethically.

Encountering Elephants Ethically.

The last stop in Thailand for Marie and I was a really special one. Elephants have long been one of my favorite animals and I really wanted to see them when I was in Thailand. That being said, I was very aware of their exploitation […]

Suitcase Six plant-wall Green Singapore: A City for the Eco-Conscious

Green Singapore: A City for the Eco-Conscious

In March, I got to spend five days in Singapore with Marie and I fell in love with the place. One of the things I most appreciated about the city was that they make a noticeable effort to protect our planet and create a sustainable […]

Suitcase Six leaves Fair Trade: What's it got to do with travel?

Fair Trade: What’s it got to do with travel?

At the start of college, I began volunteering at a gift shop called Global Gifts, which is a Fair Trade store selling items from artisans around the world. Volunteering was a formative experience over the four years I helped there. It exposed me to art […]