Why You Should Consider Workaway

This year I tried Workaway for the first time and immediately became a huge promoter of the platform. If you’re not familiar with Workaway experiences or the greater Workaway international exchange program, here’s the lowdown: you trade your skills and volunteer services for free accommodation, cultural exchange, and sometimes meals (!) with hosts from around […]

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Slow Travel: What it Is and Why You Should Try It

A turquoise building with lots of windows towers over passerby in the street.

Slow travel – are you familiar with it? I hadn’t heard of this concept until the past year or so when I started meeting people who worked remotely or traveled for a living. (Yes, those people do exist, making a living off of sharing their travel stories through blog, video, and the like. I can […]

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Halfway Around The World: Mid-Trip Updates

Sunset views on Olkhon Island at Lake Baikal, Russia.

I’m doing it! I’m halfway through my round-the-world trip, maybe just a little more, and so far I’m surviving. Sometimes I’m even thriving! Sometimes not so much.   I left on May 13 and I’m writing and posting this sometime in late August/early September. (I’m was zipping through Russia on a train, on the longest […]

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“How Travel Changed My Career” – 7 Stories of Women Working and Wandering

tall red-rock cliffs stand behind a deep blue lake. Megan - How Travel Changes Your Career

In May, I officially took the plunge and left for a round-the-world trip. I converted my full-time role to a part-time remote gig. I joined the group of “digital nomads” as they say. But as I reflected on how I ended up here, I realized my path was probably difficult to replicate. I’ve had a […]

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Round the World in 180(ish) Days – Thoughts at the Start

Sarah on her rtw in 180 days trip in Oslo, Norway.

Hello to any friends, family, and other travelers who might have found their way onto my blog! Thanks for checking out Suitcase Six and tuning in to my adventures. I’m a week and some days into my round-the-world (RTW) trip and I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all my plans […]

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Singapore Prison Systems

views of the Gardens by the Bay at night

Why the country’s criminal justice system is ranked #4 in the world. 2016 was a big year for Singapore prisons systems and criminal justice. There was a change of command with Mr. Desmond Chin taking over as commissioner for the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), replacing Mr. Soh Wai Wah. The SPS also “unveiled new core […]

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Top Unexpected Travel Careers: Jobs That Allow You to Travel That Aren’t in the Travel Industry

I spent a lot of time researching travel careers and jobs that require travel as I entered college. For the most part, I found the same few opportunities. I could volunteer for a few years with Peace Corps, become a travel blogger or social media star with a big enough following to turn a profit, […]

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