Say It With Your Socks: A Conscious Step Brand Review

Photo of medium green Conscious Step crew socks hanging by clothing pins with light blue tree sapling embroidery showing.

I try to buy most of my clothes used these days, but with some exceptions for items I plan to wear for a while, or things I prefer firsthand (socks and underwear). When I do purchase clothes “firsthand”, I try to find brands that are eco-friendly, fair trade, or otherwise supporting a cause I love. When it comes to socks, Conscious Step has emerged as my new favorite brand this year because they tick all those boxes.

Not to mention they I want to collect all the Conscious Step sock designs. As my mother can attest, I’ve long been a fan of wearing brightly patterned socks. Nowadays they tend to match but I was an avid mix-matcher in my youth. Perhaps this is my sign to dabble in mix-matching again?

I’ll break down why I love them here. You can support Suitcase Six by using my affiliate link to grab your favorite pair, because I know you’ll want to start a collection when I’m done.

*This post contains affiliate links. I was also gifted free socks, though I chose to write this post on my own and have been a fan of the socks before they contacted me.

Want to watch my unboxing video of the socks Conscious Step gifted me? Ask and you shall receive 😉

What to know about Conscious Step:

  • all of their designs are related to a specific cause
  • a portion of the proceeds from each sock goes toward an organization which supports that cause
  • they’re working to be as transparent as possible – read their impact report from 2019

They care about the planet (they’re eco-friendly)

  • Conscious Step is a part of 1% for the planet (they give 1% of gross sales each year to the organizations approved nonprofit partners which work on environment-related causes)
  • the socks are made from 100% organic cotton so there were no pesticides or harmful chemicals used

They care about people and animals too (yay!)

  • Conscious Step is a fair trade company – you can read my post about Fair Trade and travel to learn more on what that means
  • they’re also vegan friendly
  • they also support social justice causes like LGBTQ+ rights, violence against women, homelessness, and education

You can buy a pair, a box, or a subscription

The boxes come in three by themes like “socks that give water” or “socks that plant trees”. Or get the subscription and get a new pair every month. Now they have ankle socks available too, along with their classic crew style.

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Photo of person with feet crossed wearing green Conscious Step crew socks.

The current designs

So all of the designs are adorable, but I really love that you’re supporting the cause the socks depict! You can show off the causes you love with something you wear everyday. You can say it with your socks. Here’s a few of the causes they support at the time of writing.

Social Justice Socks that…

  • Save LGBTQ lives
  • Give Books
  • Build Homes
  • Promote Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Fight Malaria
  • Stop Violence Against Women
  • Give Water
  • Provide Relief
  • Feed Children
  • Fight Poverty
  • Treat HIV

Eco Warrior Socks that…

  • Plant Tropical Rainforest
  • Protect Oceans
  • Build Homes
  • Plant Trees
Photo of 3 Conscious Step socks hanging from clothing line with shark, tropical plant, and zebra designs.

Animal Lover Socks that…

  • Save Dogs
  • Save Cats
  • Save Koalas
  • Protect Sloths
  • Protect Elephants
  • Protect Turtles
  • Protect Giraffes
  • Protect Polar Bears
  • Protect Zebras
Photo of box of "Socks that Plant Trees" set of three green, grey, and forest green socks with light blue embroidery of a tree sapling.

The Fit:

The socks are super comfy, soft, and snug. All my socks are pretty new and haven’t endured much wear and tear. I’ll report back on durability when they’ve been worn in! But I am so excited about the designs and can’t wait to add more to my collection.

Final Notes:

Their tagline is “Ordinary Purchase, Extraordinary Purpose” and I really feel like that sums it up. I wish more brands operated like this.

Dropping my links here below if you want to shop and support me (and the workers who make the socks) all in one go. Plus grab 10% off with the code: SUITCASESIX10

If you could #sayitwithyoursocks, what would you say?

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Say It With Your Socks: A Conscious Step Brand Review