6 Internet Cafes in Kampala for Digital Nomads: Where to Find Strong Coffee & Reliable Wifi

If you’re living in Kampala or passing through while working, finding a cafe with good wifi is essential. After living in Kampala for a month I’ve found quite a few cafes for digital nomads or remote workers to recommend. Here are six of the best internet cafes in Kampala, equipped with wifi, yummy snacks, and strong coffee. Get your remote work done without issue and move on to exploring!

A note – most of these internet cafes in Kampala are in the Kololo neighborhood of Kampala or within walking distance, as I’ve been living at the Bushpig Backpackers Hostel which is also located there. 

Internet Cafes in Kampala: Endiro Coffee

This coffee shop has a few locations in Kampala and elsewhere, and a great mission – to end child vulnerability globally through coffee. They have a ton of coffee options and also have some delicious fruit shakes and fruit juices, plus plenty of local food options with an Endiro twist. Make sure to explore the menu and appreciate all the clever names and descriptions they’ve provided for their offerings. 

You need to purchase a wifi card which will connect you to Rokespot (1,000 UGX) , but you can also purchase this separately and just connect to Rokespot wifi once you get there. I purchased a Rokespot card for the month at just over $6 USD. That way I can log in to the wifi anywhere it services throughout Kampala.

What I recommend at Endiro:

The French Press coffee is my favorite and gives you around 2 cups. The Jerry Can cold brew is also super refreshing and strong.


Internet Cafes in Kampala: Kaffe Kaffe

Kaffe Kaffe might be one of my favorites on this list. Centrally located near the Acacia mall, they offer free wifi, a cute outdoor garden area, upper balcony, and indoor cafe seating with nice ambiance. It’s small, but the iced latte I got was great, and so was the fruit smoothie (which I was able to customize with three fruits of my choice and a veggie, getting spinach in my diet for the first time in 1.5 months.

The iced coffee was served with a metal straw and the smoothie with a 100% biodegradable one which was a perfect touch, as I’d forgotten to specify no straw. Sustainable cafes with customizable options = an obvious top choice. 

What I recommend at Kaffe Kaffe:

Don’t miss the DIY fruit smoothies! 


Internet Cafes in Kampala: The Bistro

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Kampala. You can get free wifi with a purchase and enjoy the nice ambience indoors, or sit outside under a nice shaded umbrella. The coffee is great and the rest of the food menu is delicious too. 

I’ve gotten the halloumi and pesto sandwich, the halloumi salad, and the teriyaki tofu (among a few other items) and was impressed with the quality. It’s not the cheapest cafe either but still pretty affordable and definitely worth the higher prices for the quality. 

What I recommend at The Bistro:

Meat eaters – Warm steak salad. So many yummy veggies!

Vegetarians – Halloumi pesto sandwich, or halloumi quinoa salad.

Vegans – Teriyaki tofu. 


Internet Cafes in Kampala: Prunes

Just south of the Kololo air strip, this cafe has great ambiance and the occasional monkey or cat running around the property! There’s a big food menu which I haven’t gotten to sample, but the coffee is great. Wifi is free with purchase and has a reputation for being one of the more reliable places to work in Kampala. There’s also a playground for kiddos if you  need to take your children with you but want to get some real work done.

What I recommend at Prunes:

Iced coffee and fruit juices. I hear the brunch is worth trying, though I haven’t had the chance to sample it myself yet.


Internet Cafes in Kampala: Le Cafesserie

Located in the Acacia Mall just to the right of the entrance, this little cafe offers a fancier place to work. You can request a wifi code for free with a purchase. The food is really great, though it’s on the pricier side of cafe food you’ll find in Kampala.

What I recommend at Le Cafesserie:

The Roquefort and pear salad is a favorite for me and my boyfriend. The fruit juice is high quality and fresh. 

Internet Cafes in Kampala: Bushpig Backpackers Hostel

Technically a hostel, the Bushpig Backpackers Hostel has a restaurant that also serves coffees – hot, iced, lattes, mochas – and teas. I’m partial to the lemon ginger tea, great for any day but especially if you’re feeling under the weather. You can get a wifi code at reception that’s good for 24 hours.

You’ll see guests out in the dining area working away all day long. If you need something stronger than coffee, try one of Banange Brewery craft beers on draft. Come on a Monday for 2-for-1 cocktails, or Tuesday for the incredibly popular Trivia Night where 50+ locals and guests compete through 10 ever-changing categories questions.

The Bushpig is also my favorite hostel in Kampala and I’ve met countless travelers in Uganda for short and long term visits who agree. Book a room here:

What I recommend at Bushpig:

Meat eaters – Beef skewers or the tropical burger.

Vegetarians – Not Hog burger (halloumi & mushrooms), spinach and feta pizza, or goat cheese pizza.

Vegans – Coconut chickpea curry.


Internet Cafes in Kampala that didn’t make the cut: 

Inspire Africa

I wasn’t impressed with the black coffee I ordered as compared to other places. My waitress also informed me they had not renewed their wifi so it wasn’t a great spot to work. The building outside is very cute though with lots of plants decorating it. Maybe I caught it on an off week but from my one trip I can’t recommend it. 

I have a large and detailed map of Kampala and I’m marking down all the streets I’ve walked, ubered, or taken a boda. I can’t wait to explore more of the coffee shops along raods untravelled and update this list as I go!

6 Internet Cafes in Kampala for Digital Nomads: Where to Find Strong Coffee & Reliable Wifi