Woman of the Week: Tahvi

Tahvi is one of the featured “Suitcase Six” and one of my oldest friends – we met in school in the third grade and spent many summers since walking to each others houses in adjacent neighborhoods and adventuring in Indianapolis. We’ve stayed close even though we went to different colleges and now I get to visit her in […]

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The Residence Les Ecrins

When I’m travelling, I typically stay in hostel dorm rooms because it’s generally less expensive. This time in Belgium though, we sprung for something a little different and loved it! Hostels can be great places to meet other travelers which can be a big priority, especially when travelling alone. However, there are certainly less enjoyable aspects […]

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Pinterest for Planning

While many people are probably aware of Pinterest already, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it in my posts on planning for a trip. I’ve been using Pinterest for planning for about seven years now for lots of different things (cooking, crafting, exercise, room decorating). It’s been an invaluable resource for me when […]

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Six Steps to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

There are two types of people. The first are the procrastinators, who throw all their things together in a suitcase an hour before heading to the airport. The second are the planners, who stress and labor over every item, anxious about forget something anything. No matter which team you’re on, packing can be a stressful challenge. […]

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Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: Our Itinerary

view from low tide

In early 2017, Marie and I spent 25 beautiful days traveling Southeast Asia. Our itinerary, including dates, cities, and flight times, and accommodations are below. It’s very abbreviated, with the black and white details of where we were, when, and how much it cost us to get there or stay there. This should give you a basic idea of […]

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