Plastic-Free, Vegan Deodorants to Keep Your Pits & Planet Healthy

When the conversation about plastic comes up, it’s often centered around plastic bags, straws, and coffee cups. But once you start investigating the other corners of your life, it becomes clear that plastic is everywhere – not just in our kitchens. A peak into most bathroom cabinets reveal plastic galore in all shapes and sizes. Pill bottles, toothpaste tubes, deodorant sticks, lip balms, mascaras, lotions, tampons, shampoos – it’s hard to think of items that aren’t commonly found inside plastic packaging.

Just look at your deodorant sticks – how much plastic is involved when you buy 2-pack? The plastic of the containers and lids, plastic wrap to keep the set together, and the little plastic dial and cover on top of new deodorant that can’t be easily recycled.

Going beyond the plastic, there’s other considerations for the products in our health and beauty routines. What ingredients are being used in our products? Where are these ingredients sourced from and how are they obtained? Are the companies producing these products conducting ethical business? Is the carbon footprint to obtain these products a concern? It’s enough to make your head spin. I know that when I’m shopping it can feel so overwhelming that I postpone the research until a future trip.

Slowly, I’m transitioning my health and beauty products, diet, and wardrobe to be more sustainable. That means that where possible, things are plastic free, vegan, and purchased as close to home as possible.

This is the first post in a mini-series on sustainable brands and products recommendations. I’ll be sharing companies and vendors that offer sustainable deodorants in this post, all of which are vegan and plastic free. In the future, I’ll be sharing other hygiene and beauty products, home good supplies, and of course, eco-friendly travel products. Check out the options below and get ready to find a new deodorant vendor! (Choose a vendor nearest you for the smallest shipping carbon footprint.)

Photo of a makeup bag with brushes, lipstick, and nude foundations lined up on a tan countertop.
Our makeup bags often contain lots of non-recyclable packaging.
Photo by Manu Camargo on Unsplash

1. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (Etsy Vendor)

Website: | Bywong, Australia | $12.38 / 100 ml (glass bottle); $14.56 / 80 g (cardboard stick); $16.03 / 95 g (aluminum tin)

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics is an Australian line whose products are all vegan, cruelty free, zero-waste products. They’ve had over 14,000 sales since their store opened in 2014 on Etsy with a strong 5 star rating and 1825 reviews to boot. Currently there are three styles of deodorants offered: a spray on for sensitive skin which comes in a glass bottle, and a natural probiotic that comes in either a eco-tube stick deodorant or “pit paste” that comes in a small tin. Choose from four blends: Active (cedar, lime, eucalyptus); Fresh (rose, mandarin, cypress); Earthy (patchouli, lavender, vanilla); Sensitive (orange, cedar, cypress.) How’s that for options?

2. Lush

Website: | Global Locations | $10.95 / 3 oz

You might be familiar with the Lush brand, possibly best known for their beautiful bath bombs and brightly colored stores. As I discovered for the first time in Russia when I stumbled across a Lush store, they also make deodorant bars! When purchased in store, these come in recyclable paper bags or you can bring your own baggies for them. With locations around the world, this brand might be more easily accessible in-person or outside of North America. There are a few powdered deodorant versions which are NOT plastic free, but their T’eo and Aromaco deodorants are vegan and can be obtained without plastic!

These images were borrowed with permission from the Lush shop site. Aromaco deodorant shown left, T’eo shown right.

3. Green Earth Naturals (Etsy Vendor)

Website: | Virgina, USA | $14.99 / 2.5 oz. (free shipping!)

Also featuring the 100% cardboard deodorant tubes, Green Earth Naturals offers a variety of scents for their deodorants: Lavender, Juniper & Basalm, Grapefruit, and unscented. One tube is supposed to last around 3 months, though the description alleges that some people have used it for up to a year! Their products are vegan, made with organic ingredients, and tested only on willing human participants. As for their packaging? Renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable, made from 100% paperboard.

These images were borrowed with permission from the Green Earth Naturals shop site.

4. Save Some Green

Website: | United Kingdom | $7.00 / 60g

Save Some Green, based in the UK, offers two vegan deodorant options. One comes in a small tin, and the other, an eco-stick paperboard tube (both plastic free). There are no parabens, and they’re cruelty free! My favorite part about this store is the options for scents though: Grapefruit & Lemon, Jasmine & Rose, Lavender & Tea Tree, Lemon & Rosemary, Peppermint & Spearmint, and Pure Unscented. The packaging is also presented in a gender neutral way, so there’s really something for everyone.

If you find yourself doing this often, it’s time to try a new deodorant.
Photo by Billie on Unsplash

5. Aquarian Bath (Etsy Vendor)

Website:| Florida, USA | $7.50 / 2 oz.

This vegan deodorant comes in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes, with scent options including Tea Tree, Spearmint, Lavender Cedarwood, and Patchouli. There are only 7 ingredients, all of which you’d recognize. Packaged in glass jars or tins, any shipping materials are also plastic-free. Aquarian Bath also stocks a lot of other beauty products like lip balms, shampoo bars, and even heating pads! There’s no palm oil in any of the products, or animal testing, and these deodorants are vegan themselves.

These images were borrowed with permission from the Aquarian Bath shop site.

6. Taylor’s Naturals

Website: Taylor’ | Indiana, USA and Online | $10.50 / 2 oz

Taylor’s Naturals has a long list of reasons you’ll love their deodorant. It’s plastic free and comes in an eco-tube. It’s vegan, and none of its ingredients or products are tested on animals. It’s also aluminum and paraben free, scented with natural essential oils. Finally, it’s designed for people with super sensitive pits in mind! You can grab this pit stick in Balanced (a sage/rosemary/lavender blend), Earl G (with lemongrass, lavender and citrus hints,) or Vanilla Grapefruit (which speaks for itself).

7. Battle Green Box (Etsy Vendor)

Website: | Caernarfon, United Kingdom | $8.71 / 50 ml

Battle Green Box joins the list of eco-tube deodorants, with a vegan and plastic free stick that comes in Lavender & Tea Tree, Grapefruit & Mint, and Orange & Patchouli. It may also ring up as one of the least expensive of the 100% paperboard tube styles too. The deodorants are free of parabens, aluminum, synthetic colors, fragrances, and antiperspirants. Instead of stopping natural sweat, the kill the bacteria which causes the bad odors! This vendor also offers a variety of other eco-friendly household goods which and hygiene items which you can buy in boxes, like their Zero Waste Starter Kit!

These images were taken with permission from the Battle Green Box shop site.

8. Wander Lightly (Etsy Vendor)

Website: | Sydney, Australia | $5.10 / 30g; $11.65 / 80g

There’s currently only one vegan deodorant option on the Wander Lightly site (though others include beeswax among their 10 ingredients). BUT come June 2019 the brand is undergoing a relaunch and all of the deodorants will be vegan! The scent of their current vegan option comes in a unique scent which I haven’t seen elsewhere yet – Juicy Lime. These super cute deodorants come in small tins with two sizes, and an additional sampler size starting as low as $2.91 if you want to test the product out.

This image was taken with permission from the Wander Lightly shop site.

9. kleine Auszeit (Etsy Vendor)

Website:| Germany | $5.69 / 30g=mL; $11.50 / 100mL

This Germany-based vendor is offering a vegan creme deodorant that comes in a super cute glass jar with a bamboo lid. There are seven ingredients total: coconut oil, soda, almond oil, shea butter, zinc oxide, cornstarch, and fragrance oil. That’s how you know it’s super natural! A fingertip full per pit should be plenty of creme and will keep that bacteria at bay to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

These images were taken with permission from the kleine Auszeit shop site.

Plastic-Free, Vegan Deodorants to Keep Your Pits & Planet Healthy