Welcome to the Suitcase Six Resource Library, where you can download all my travel planning tools and checklists for free! 

To enter the library, you’ll need the password which is reserved for those on the Suitcase Six mailing list. Once you sign up for the mailing list you’ll be able to access any of the freebies in the library.

So whats in the library? Here’s a few of the item you’ll be able to access:

  • 6 page PDF of tips from female travelers on safety, logistics, budgeting, and more
  • 30 Jobs to See the World – a list of professions with links to more info for each
  • Sustainable Travel Checklist – to help you plan an eco-friendly adventure
  • Mongolia Packlist – I’m adding packing lists for the destinations I visit. This is the first, with many more to come.
  • Indiana Bucket Lists – More bucket lists for places I’ve visited will be added too.

Happy Travels,