Six Steps to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

There are two types of people. The first are the procrastinators, who throw all their things together in a suitcase an hour before heading to the airport. The second are the planners, who stress and labor over every item, anxious about forget something anything. No matter which team you’re on, packing can be a stressful challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are my six steps to pack the perfect suitcase stress-free, no matter where you’re going or how long you’re staying.

  1. Figure out the weather where you’re going. 
  2. Determine what kinds of activities you’ll be doing.
  3. Inquire what limits your airline has for carry-on baggage and costs of checking a bag.
  4. Make a list of the items you NEED to bring on the trip, and a list of items you’d like to bring if you have space. 
  5. Collect all your packing list items and determine what you need to buy, if anything, before your trip.
  6. Test the items in your suitcase to make sure you have things you can wear together, your walking tennis shoes are comfortable, your chargers actually work, etc.

I highly recommend comparing your packing list with your travel partners if you are wandering with friends – you can cut down on lots of items to lighten your load if you don’t mind sharing. Split up items like hair brushes, sun screen, makeup, or books between you and your friends so you don’t have to carry so much in your own pack. Don’t forget that you will likely be tempted to shop around wherever you go so pack light enough that you save room for souvenirs!

I recommend checking Pinterest for outfit ideas on capsule wardrobes! There’s so much info there. Aside from packing, Pinterest can be a great tool for planning your trip in general.

This section of the Suitcase Six site will be full of planning advice we’ve accumulated from our own travels. I’d love to hear from others though. Tell me about your packing methods and what works for you!

For the one item I always pack in my suitcase, check out these Travel Leggings!

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