Welcome, Wanderers

Suitcase Six is my place to share the inspiration and advice of traveling, working women with you. If you’ve made it to the site, I assume you love to travel.

Maybe you’re a seasoned traveler looking for inspiration for your next big adventure.

Maybe you’re looking to start a new career that lets you travel while you work (or at least get a little PTO!) Perhaps you’ve never travelled before and don’t even know where to start.

No matter where you are on the wanderlust meter, I’m here to help you reach your travel goals. On Suitcase Six, I write and share content about travel with a focus on sustainability and traveling while working.

It’s true, I write for women and only share content written by women. There are a lot of obstacles for women in travel, especially when you have to or want to balance a career.  

BUT I welcome ALL readers and work to have useful information that applies to everyone.

So what are you looking for?

Happy Travels,