Woman of the Week: Angela

Angela sitting on a stone bench between potted plants, in front of a stone wall.

Meet our latest Woman of the Week: Angela! This week, Angela shares her struggles balancing a full-time office job with her wanderlust, her experiences as an au pair abroad, and her philosophy on  getting out there and exploring the world, no holds barred. An avid postcard collector, Angela documents her travels via paper and web on […]

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Woman of the Week: Emily

Meet our Woman of the Week: Emily – a travel nurse with a passion for sustainable travel and making the world a better place while she does it. When I created this Woman of the Week series, I was imagining and hoping to interview women exactly like Emily. Hard-working, curious about the world, and dedicated to leaving a positive impact rather […]

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Woman of the Week: Jhanz

Jhanz posing with her camera

Meet our Woman of the Week: Jhanz – a woman working full-time but still traveling the world! Jhanz’s comments about over-planning and the struggles of solo-travel as an introvert really resonate with me, and I’m sure will strike a chord with some of you too! Do check out her blog, as it’s a visually beautiful and informative and a perfect […]

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Woman of the Week: Hélène

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our woman of the week: Hélène. An Estonian native, Hélène is currently living in London and traveling whenever she can. We have a lot in common both in our many hobbies and in our travel philosophies, plus we’re both travel bloggers. To learn a bit more about how who she is and what she […]

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Woman of the Week: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, our last woman of the week this January, who is currently working as a freelance writer. You can witness her writing chops in this interview where she shares her spot-on advice about risk-taking and the challenges of working remotely while traveling. To see what it is that lets her wander while she works, check out Elizabeth’s interview and […]

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