Ethical Travel Mistakes: 5 Things We Wouldn’t Do Again and Their Responsible Alternatives

A whale shark swimming under water

All travelers would like to think our trips are harmless, that tourism is an industry void of ethical issues. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite the opposite. Many aspects of the tourism industry leave the places we visit in worse shape than we left them, whether the impact be on the environment, the wildlife, or the locals themselves. It’s […]

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Woman of the Week: Lilly

Hey there wanderers – I’m back with our latest Woman of the Week: Lilly! We met a few weeks ago in Scotland through my sister, Emily. (They met in college at Indiana University through another friend, Emma, who also joined us). When I talked to her, hiking up Arthur’s Seat for views over Edinburgh, she had just finished a few […]

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Woman of the Week: Stef

Hello travelers! I’m so excited to introduce you to our latest Woman of the Week: Stef! We met through a Facebook travel group and have kept in touch over the months, and after talking to her for a bit I realized I HAD to interview her. Stef is a strong, badass woman working remotely for a remote business that helps empower […]

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