How Global Health Jobs Offer Unique Travel Opportunities: A Woman of the Week Interview

Mountains in Philippines from global health worker Kat on her travels

When you hear the words “lab manager” you probably think of high school science class. You’d sometimes be right, but then again, it’s Kat’s work as lab manager and medical monitor for clinical research studies that led her to Uganda, where I got to spend a few weeks with her in Kampala last fall. Outside […]

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6 Internet Cafes in Kampala for Digital Nomads: Where to Find Strong Coffee & Reliable Wifi

If you’re living in Kampala or passing through while working, finding a cafe with good wifi is essential. After living in Kampala for a month I’ve found quite a few cafes for digital nomads or remote workers to recommend. Here are six of the best internet cafes in Kampala, equipped with wifi, yummy snacks, and […]

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Why You Need To Try Workaway On Your Next Trip

This year I tried Workaway for the first time and immediately became a huge promoter of the platform. If you’re not familiar with Workaway experiences or the greater Workaway international exchange program, here’s the lowdown: you trade your skills and volunteer services for free accommodation, cultural exchange, and sometimes meals (!) with hosts from around […]

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