Three Weeks in Southeast Asia: Our Itinerary

In early 2017, Marie and I spent 25 beautiful days traveling Southeast Asia. Our itinerary, including dates, cities, and flight times, and accommodations are below. It’s very abbreviated, with the black and white details of where we were, when, and how much it cost us to get there or stay there. This should give you a basic idea of how to replicate a similar route in a 3-ish week time frame. (I’ve thrown in a few photos of the accommodations and attractions along the way.) Now, down to business. Here is our itinerary for three weeks in Southeast Asia.

If you want to read more about our trip, check out Encountering Elephants, Ethically to see where we met some of the planet’s largest living creatures. 5 Days in Krabi gives a more verbose account of our dream-like days in Thailand, while 3 Days in Kaula Lampur: My Malaysia Itinerary does the same for our time in Malaysia. For what went wrong, I recommend 6 Mistakes I Made Backpacking Asia, lest you think it was all butterflies and rainbows.

Sarah and Marie on a hong kong sunset cruise

 Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Hong Kong: 2017

Day 1 (Feb 27): Leave for Chicago for Singapore. (6:55 PM)

Day 2 (Feb 28): Flying…


Day 3 (Mar 1): Arrive in Singapore (9:15 AM).                                                               Little Red Dot Hostel

Day 4 (Mar 2): Singapore                                                                                                Little Red Dot Hostel

Day 5 (Mar 3): Singapore                                                                                                Little Red Dot Hostel

Day 6 (Mar 4): Singapore, leave for Kuala Lampur                                  Back Home Kuala Lampur Hostel

Flight leaves for KL at 9:15 AM

Arrives 10:15 AM ($44.50 each paid for flight from Singapore to Malaysia)


Day 7 (Mar 5): Kuala Lampur                                                                      Back Home Kuala Lampur Hostel

Day 8 (Mar 6): Kuala Lampur                                                                      Back Home Kuala Lampur Hostel


A beautiful pink and purple sunset off the bungalows in Krabi.

Day 9 (Mar 7): Leave for Thai Islands: Krabi                                                                   Bananas Bungalows

Flight leaves KL at 1:30 PM

Arrives in Krabi 1:55 PM ($22.13 each paid for flight from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to Krabi, Thailand)

Day 10 (Mar 8): Thai Islands: Krabi → Koh Phi Phi                                                              Hangover Hostel

Bob’s Buise Cruise

Marie and Sarah on a booze cruise in Thailand.

Day 11 (Mar 9): Thai Islands: Koh Phi Phi —> Krabi                                                     Bananas Bungalows

Day 12 (Mar 10): Thai Islands: Krabi                                                                                Bananas Bungalows

Day 13 (Mar 11): Thai Islands: Krabi                                                                                 Bananas Bungalows

Day 14 (Mar 12): Thai Islands: Krabi, leave for Bangkok.                                               Nappark Hostel

Flight leaves Krabi @ 10:30 AM ($31 each paid for flight from Krabi to Bangkok, Thailand)

Flight arrives in Bangkok @ 11:55 AM

Day 15 (Mar 13): Bangkok                                                                                                 NapPark Hostel

Day 16 (Mar 14): Bangkok leave for Chiang Rai.                                           Koon Cha Learn Backpackers

Sarah dressed in black at the White Temple

Day 17 (Mar 15): Chiang Rai. Bus to Chiang Mai.

Departs from Chiang Rai at 12:35 PM ($22.13 each paid for flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Arrives in Chiang Mai at 2:00 PM

Day 18 (Mar 16): Chiang Mai                                                                                                       Haus Hostel

Day 19 (Mar 17): Chiang Mai                                                                                                       Haus Hostel


the streets of Hong Kong

Day 20 (Mar 18): Chiang Mai, leave for Hong Kong                                                        Urban Pack Hostel

Depart 6:00 am. Flight booking # 2007991 ($70 each paid for flight from Chiang Rai to Hong Kong)

Arrive 9:30 am.

Day 21 (Mar 19): Hong Kong                                                                                              Urban Pack Hostel

Day 22 (Mar 20): Hong Kong                                                                                              Urban Pack Hostel

Day 23 (Mar 21): Hong Kong. Leave for Singapore.                                                     Little Red Dot Hostel

Flight leaves 2:20 PM ($124.86 each paid for flight from Hong Kong to Singapore)

Arrives 6:20 PM

Day 24 (Mar 22): Leave for Chicago from Singapore. (8:25 pm)

Day 25 (Mar 23): Arrive in Chicago (3:00 pm)

Marie, Sarah and other US friends in Hong Kong



Little Red Dot Hostel

125 Lavender Street, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Check in time: 15:30 (option to check in early to leave bags/use facilities)

Paid (deposit): $11.96 total ($5.98 each) | Due on arrival: $68.85 total ($34.43 each )


Back Home Kuala Lampur Hostel

30, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Paid deposit: $41.50 – 364 MYR total | Due on arrival: $0.00


Banana Bungalows

54 Moo 2, Tamboon Khao Thong, Ban Tha Lane, Amper Muang, Krabi, 8100, Thailand

Paid deposit: $32.50 each 2480.54 BAHT total | Balance paid after end of stay.


NapPark Hostel

5 Tani Road Taladyod (Banglamphoo) Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200 (phone 022822324)

Check in time: 2:00 PM

Paid deposit: $0.00 | Due on arrival: $36.50 each – 2640 BAHT total


Haus Hostel

2/3 Rat Chiang Saen Road, Rat Chiang Saen 1 Kho Al, Haiya Subdistrict, Maung District, Hai Ya, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Check in time: 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Paid deposit: $12.83 paid | Due on arrival in cash: $52.00 – 1854.62 BAHT total


Urban Pack Hostel

Unit 1410, 14/F, HaiPhong, Mansion, 99-101 Nathan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Paid deposit: $15.24 | Due on arrival: $104.31 (52 each)

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