How Online Boutique VEGAN-A-PORTER Is Making Ethical Shopping A Breeze

Yellow bag with white bow finishing from VEGAN-A-PORTER.
Founder of VEGAN-A-PORTER, online boutique that makes ethical shopping a breeze, sits with a yellow bag by a fountain.

During Fashion Revolution Week, one of the big questions we’re asking is, “What’s actually in our clothes”? For many shoppers, what they don’t want to hear is “animal products”. The vegan market is growing rapidly year to year, both in diet and in other industries like fashion. Still, it can be an extreme challenge to find stylish vegan products in store and hard to know where to look online. Enter VEGAN-A-PORTER, an online boutique curating a chic collection of vegan shoes, bags, and accessories to make ethical shopping easier on us.


VEGAN-A-PORTER was founded by Jelena V in spring of 2019 about six months after she turned vegan. When she started shopping for vegan bags, she struggled to find any that remotely resembled the styles she’d normally purchase.

When she finally came across some perfect brands, Jelena decided to bring her discoveries to others and showcase her favorite items in one central place. And thus, VEGAN-A-PORTER was born.

We are an online destination for conscious consumers who refuse the old habits of our over-consuming, throw-away society. We present the finest vegan clothing, beauty and accessories from brands around the world, all under one beautifully-curated roof without sacrificing ethics for style or quality – or vice versa.


You don’t have to be vegan to love what’s in the VEGAN-A-PORTER boutique – but if you are, you’ll be in heaven. Curious what’s they’re offering? Take a look at some of my personal favorites from the current collections.


  • Left: Cougar quilted backpack; made with 100% vegan textured eco polyurethane, recycled plastic bottles lining, recycled metal hardware
  • Middle: Marlene quilted cross body bag; manufactured with recycled materials, bag exterior made with vegetable by-products and polyurethane, bag interior made from reclaimed plastic bottles
  • Right: Sycamore vegan backpack; lightweight, features magnetic compartment and zip closure + hidden compartment; interiors made from recycled plastic bottles

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  • Left: Basic white unisex sneakers; made from pineapple leaf fibres, original Piñatex, a natural, ecological and water resistant material
  • Middle: Trina vegan lace-up ankle boot made with ecological and water resistant microfiber
  • Right: Theia open toe flat mules; Piñatex, lined with Eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified Microfibre manufactured in a system free of CO2 emissions

VEGAN-A-PORTER accessories

  • Left: Amalfi petite watch; made of vegan leather and stainless teal
  • Middle: Moderna watch; made of vegan suede and stainless steel
  • Right: Amalfi petite watch; made with mesh and stainless steel

Q&A with Jelena

I had a chance to ask VEGAN-A-PORTER’s founder a few questions. Here’s what she has to say about her brand, sustainability, and eco-fashion trends.

Tell us about your background.

My background is in architecture and Slavic languages which both don’t have anything to do what I’m currently doing. During my studies I was working as a marketing intern in a fashion boutique in Zurich where I got exposed to small and unique brands with beautiful designs. Since then I felt in love with fashion brands which produced ethically and not mainstream. 

How do you choose your brands and how do you decide if they meet your standards?

First, I check the transparency on the website of the brands, how they are manufacturing and which materials they are using for their products. Not only that, for me it’s also important if they match the style and values of VEGAN-A-PORTER. Then I contact the founders and see if we can work together.

Do you have any eco-friendly fashion role models?

Livia Firth and Emma Watson are for me eco-friendly fashion role models. What I like about them is that they are both constantly supporting and promoting this kind of fashion in their own way. 

What three words would you use to describe your personal style?

My personal style is chic, expressive and colorful. I like to add on clean geometry colorful accessories which you can also find on my website. My style is anything but minimal and boring. I attribute a lot of this influence to my summer holidays in Italy in adolescence.

How long has sustainability been a part of your life?

Sustainability started being a part of my life almost three years ago when I started working in that fashion boutique in Zurich. Since then I started paying more attention to the products I’m buying not only in fashion but also cosmetics and others. 

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Where would you like to take VEGAN-A-PORTER?

My goal is to take VEGAN-A-PORTER to a global go-to online destination for vegan and eco-friendly products where people not only have the possibility to shop but also to get inspired by a different lifestyle. 

What eco-fashion trends are you loving right now?

I’m a big fan of innovative fabrics such as pineapple leaves or cork. They are great alternatives for leather which most of the people don’t know and haven’t tried yet. Also, I like the idea of upcycling, giving existing garments new life by altering the fit, style or color.

What role do you think vegan brands will have in the fashion industry in the coming years?

If we keep educating people about vegan brands, then I think they will become more relevant in the fashion industry in the coming years. 

Thanks for reading about VEGAN-A-PORTER and how its making ethical shopping more accessible. Want to connect with Jelena? Here’s how you can find her on social media: