Woman of the Week: Lindsay

suitcase six wow interview lindsay k

Our last Woman of the Week this October is Scotland native, Lindsay. She lives in Bali now and works in public relations. However, this hasn’t always been her gig. In her early twenties, Lindsay worked on a cruise ship so she could see more of the world. This week, Lindsay shares how she manages to balance her work life and personal travel. She also shares a few of her favorite travel moments! Thanks, Lindsay, for sharing your story with us.

suitcase six wow interview lindsay k

  1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Lindsay; 35, hopelessly in love, PR Director for Bali’s largest hotel group, and I am still trying to work out who I am every single day!

  1. Why do you travel?

The world has so much to offer us – crystal blue oceans, rugged mountaintops, white sand beaches, billions of unexplored fauna, and cultures so diverse they make Western society seem so simplistic. I love it all.

One of my most memorable moments in life was in Madagascar – I was on a tour bus (as a host while I worked onboard a cruise line), and as we drove through the poorest of villages there were 20 children playing on a dusty street. They were the happiest most beautiful children I had ever seen. Dressed in second-hand Adias t-shirts and ripped shorts, they smiled and laughed like they were the richest people on earth. This was about 12 years ago and I have never forgotten this memory. I was humbled and exhilarated by the prospect of happiness despite the amount of cash in your pocket.

So I travel for the moments that can shape my life, and I thrive on being in the company of those far ‘richer’ than myself.

lindsay kissing her husband under the stars

  1. How do you balance work and travel?

With such a demanding job, it is of course difficult to completely ‘switch off’, but I do try, and there are many moments when my partner, Michael, is quick to remind me to turn off my phone off!

To ensure we make the most of our travel footprint, I now plan well ahead – we choose the date and destination, and I ensure my team are well prepared for my annual leave. (I have the most incredible work colleagues, so I know they can definitely cope without me.)

Then when we are travelling, I try to limit my obsession with checking my emails to just once per day. I also vow to only read emails staring ‘Dear Lindsay,’ and if it is urgent, my team knows to contact me via WhatsApp. That way I can make the most of my adventure without worrying about what’s happening back at HQ.

lindsay wearing a sarong looking over the ocean

  1. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

To be in the moment. It’s far too easy to rush through life forgetting to stop and acknowledge where we are. When I am travelling, I want to savor the moment. I was in Scotland recently, which is actually my home country, but having not lived there for many years, I returned to spend time with my family. Every minute was special. The sun shone, the beaches where immaculate, the castles were grand and glorious, the kilted pipers piped with passion, and spending time with my family was like waking up to a pot of gold every morning. The entire trip was a dream come true, so instead of thinking – what next, where next, and rushing away my experience – I just loved being truly present.

My next stop in November of this year is Australia, a place I have already visited 4 times, but this time I want to take the same tact. I want to explore with gusto and make the most out of my journey.

  1. Share one of your favorite travel memories.

There are so many, but one of the most fun memories I have is from about 3-years ago in Thailand. I had just attended a conference for young entrepreneurs and individuals seeking positive reinforcement about life. I was travelling on my own and met around 200 of the most exhilarating high-level humans. We had just finished our 5-day event and a group of us decided to venture out of our luxury resort and head to Phuket for a night out.  While in a bar stuck on a seedy part of the island, the heavens opened and the rain started to pour like it was the end of the earth. Beads of water pounded angrily off the ground and the streets began to flood. It was torrential.

As our crew, alongside many others, huddled beneath the shelter of the neon lit drinking holes, I turned to one of my new associates and asked if she had ever danced in the rain? Without another word, both of us bounded into the water-clad streets and shook our booty like Beyoncé. We were soaked, and the only thought I recall was being blissfully happy and carefree. As the water drenched me to the bone, I had not a care in the world.  Naturally it was snapped on video, and even today, when I am having ‘one of those days’ I look at the video and laugh; life’s too short not to dance in the rain with strangers who can become lifelong friends.

lindsay walking down the path in Hong Kong

  1. If you could share one travel tip with other women, what would it be?

If I am completely honest, I’ll admit that I am usually a 5-star kinda’ girl, I love white fluffy bathrobes and cozy king-sized beds, but while travelling New Zealand and Australia, I discovered a love for hostels! They are amazing. They are social, funky and give you the opportunity to feel less remote when you are wandering the world alone.

Above all – enjoy every moment. Life is awesome and so is each of us. x

lindsay wearing her backpack getting ready to leave

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