I’m an eco-travel advisor passionate about sending my clients on unforgettable trips with a positive impact. Let me curate your next adventure!

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My Travel Advising Services are for people who want to have a unique, unforgettable vacation without the time and stress of planning it alone. As your travel advisor, I help with everything from daydreaming to departure.

When we work together, I handle all the details so you can save time and stress and feel great about your trip-of-a-lifetime.

What sets me apart from other travel advisors is that I do it all with an eye toward sustainability and mindfulness.

My Travel Advising Services are for you if you:

  • don’t know where to start planning your next getaway
  • feel overwhelmed by all the options for locations, hotels, tours, etc.
  • dislike planning and organizing travel logistics
  • want to incorporate sustainability and mindfulness into your trip
  • value having expert advice to create a once-in-a-lifetime trip
  • prefer having support available when you need it while you’re traveling

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We had the distinct privilege of having Sarah assist my husband & me during the preparations

for our second honeymoon in Ireland in 2022. The trip was a 10-day tour that was set up by a

travel agency for a large group. I contacted Sarah when I could not make sense to the travel

insurance recommended by the travel agency (which was impossible to reach). Sarah not only

helped me understand the very technical language but explained to me how travel insurance

works in terms of getting a quote which gave us access to the details of the policy and our ability

to cancel without penalty within a specific period (none of which was made clear by the

insurance company). She took it upon herself to read the entire policy and clarify some important

points regarding its COVID coverage. In the end, we chose a different insurance provider for

better coverage & less $ thanks to Sarah!

– Kaya H. (Read Kaya’s full review here)


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For Eco-Friendly Travel Brands & Businesses:

I welcome collaborations with other like-minded brands, bloggers, feminists, and anyone else who shares the Suitcase Six philosophy that we can make the planet better through our travels, and that we must!