My Travel Planning Service are for people who want to have a unique, unforgettable vacation without the time and stress of planning it alone. As your travel advisor, I help with everything from daydreaming to departure.

When we work together, I handle all the details so you can save time and stress and feel great about your trip-of-a-lifetime. What sets me apart from other travel advisors is that I do it all with an eye toward sustainability and mindfulness!

My Travel Advising Services are for you if you:

  • don’t know where to start planning your next getaway
  • feel overwhelmed by all the options for locations, hotels, tours, etc.
  • dislike planning and organizing travel logistics
  • want to incorporate sustainability and mindfulness into your trip
  • value having expert advice to create a once-in-a-lifetime trip AND/OR
  • love knowing you have support available if you need it while you’re traveling

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