I’m an eco-travel agent passionate about planning unforgettable trips with a positive impact. Let me plan your next adventure!

I also offer complimentary Q&A calls for those who just have a few questions before vacation.

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My Eco Travel Planning Services for people who want to have a unique, unforgettable vacation without the time and stress of planning it alone. As your eco-travel agent, I help with everything from daydreaming to departure, with an eye toward sustainability and mindfulness.

When we work together, I handle all the details so you can save time and stress and feel great about your trip-of-a-lifetime.

My Eco Travel Planning Services are great for people who:

  • don’t know where to start planning your next getaway
  • get overwhelmed by all the options
  • hate planning and organizing travel logistics
  • want to incorporate sustainability and mindfulness into your trip
  • like having expert advice to create a better trip
  • prefer having support available if they need it while traveling

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For Eco-Friendly Travel Brands & Businesses:

I welcome collaborations with other like-minded brands, bloggers, feminists, and anyone else who shares the Suitcase Six philosophy that we can make the planet better through our travels, and that we must!