Woman of the Week: Interview with a Psychologist

I’m excited to introduce you to our Woman of the Week, Lisette, who is a new friend I met during a tour in Mongolia. In this interview, Lisette will share some of her favorite travel memories, and tell us a bit about her job.

I have to start by saying that I was so fortunate to meet Lisette and have her as one of my three van-mates for the week we spent traveling together. I didn’t know any of the people in our van before we left, but I felt like we all became fast friends. Lisette is one of the sweetest and most considerate people I’ve met. She always seemed to sense when I was feeling emotional and in need of a hug (which happened several times between the overwhelmingly beautiful views, and a super intense romance novel!) She’s also one of the best listeners I’ve ever met and I’m excited to turn the tables and let her talk about her for a bit.

Thanks, Lisette, for sharing some of your story and with us this week!




Hi there, I’m Lisette! I’m 33 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I studied psychology at the university of Groningen. I work as a psychologist in elderly care; in nursery homes. My patients are mostly people who suffer from dementia. My job is a mixture of client contact, rapporting about it, and having meetings with other disciplines, for example doctors and physical therapists. Together we work on optimalizing the wellbeing of the patient and his or her surroundings.


In my free time I like to write, read, travel, take pictures, listen and dance to music and meet with friends and family.


Our woman of the week, Lisette drinking out of a coconut in front of a colorful building in Cuba.

Lisette drinking out of a coconut in front of a colorful building in Cuba.



I have approximately five weeks of vacation a year. I often try to use three to four weeks in a row for visiting a far away destination. My job comes with responsibility, travelling means freedom to me: I can let loose for a moment that responsibility, there’s no alarm going off at 6:00 AM, there are no meetings to attend to. During travelling I have time and opportunity to do what I enjoy most. And, I get to have all these new experiences! But then again… it’s only in travelling that I appreciate home even more.


Awesome photographs Lisette has captured. (The one of the left is from the trip where we met in Mongolia! I can attest that a fair amount of work went into capturing the Milky Way as clearly as she did.)



I have so many amazing travel memories! I loved the stars at night in central and south Mongolia. In the northern part of Norway I saw the Aurora Borealis in all it’s glory. With warm feelings I think back of the friendliness of Fijian people.


Green lights from Aurora Borealis light up the night sky in Norway over snowy mountain tops and an icy lake.

An incredible shot Lisette captured in Norway of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.


Last year I visited Cuba. I’d recently broken up with my boyfriend with whom I’d been with for almost fifteen years. I still wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I left. In Cuba I slowly started to relax more and open up. I enjoyed salsa dancing, drinking Cuba libres and meeting new people. Back home, I continued salsa dancing by taking lessons and made new friends while doing that. I felt more confident and happy than I’d done in a long time. For that very personal reason, Cuba – besides her kind people, special ambiance and interesting history – still has a special place in my heart.


A photo from our Woman of the Week's trip to Cuba, with colorful houses lining a cobblestone path.

A cobblestone street in Cuba lined with brightly colored houses and a few older-styled cars parked on the street.




To other travelling ladies I’d say: let common sense and female intuition guide your way. Be sufficiently prepared before departure, but let yourself be surprised while at your destination. My best travelling experiences were the ones I didn’t expect to happen.


Photos of Lisette’s of Buddhist prayer flags in Ulan Ude, a beach lined with rocky cliffs, and a coastal landscape on the island of Fiji with swaying palm trees. 


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Woman of the Week: Interview with a Psychologist