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Woman of the Week: Paroma

Paroma is a fellow travel blogger whom I’ve been following about since I started blogging myself! I came across her work early on and became a quick fan of her doggie and foodie-friendly travel posts. This awesome woman works in the science industry, and even has a post for working women about interviewing in the field. Obviously I was excited to get the chance to interview Paroma, and I know you’ll love her story and her work! 

Connect with Paroma:


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  1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Paroma Chakravarty, a scientist by profession and blogger by passion, living it up in beautiful San Francisco, California. I am currently working for a biotech company in the Bay Area and love to travel in my spare time along with trying different cuisines and dabbling in photography.

  1. Why do you travel?

I travel to get new experiences, see new sights, photograph them and to escape the morbid day to day routine. I am a very curious and restless person by nature and so travel is my release.

  1. How do you balance work and travel?

My mantra is to take a break every 2-3 months. I utilize long weekends to travel around California (there is so much to see) and always try to club a few vacation days if I have to travel for work such as conferences (ethically and with full transparency of course). This helps me maximize my travel opportunities even with a grueling full time job. I also take my mandatory summer vacation (longest one) of 10 -14 days every year.

  1. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

Going with the flow and being flexible when things don’t go your way. Also, finding unexpected things and sights and that sometimes change in plans can be a good thing.

Suitcase Six Paroma-Pariseiffel-797x1024 Woman of the Week: Paroma

  1. Share one of your favorite travel memories.

This has to be my trip to Mexico last November. Extremely disappointed by the visa situation for Chile, we had to cancel our vacation plans and make a last minute booking for Mexico. Mexico wowed us with it’s cuisine, history and culture, specially Oaxaca city. Being a foodie, I ate my weight in food there since it it the culinary capital of the country. It was one of my best vacations ever!

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  1. If you could share one travel tip with other women, what would it be?

Do not stay at home fettered by fear. Photography drives me to get out of home and explore. Find your mojo, use common sense to stay safe and go see this big wide world!

Suitcase Six Paroma-Mural3-959x1024 Woman of the Week: Paroma

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