Woman of the Week: Interview with a Revenue Cycle Consultant

Taylor standing in front of a brick wall with the city-scape of San Francisco behind her.
Visiting San Francisco.

Welcome back for another Women of the Week interview, this time with a woman from my home town! Taylor and I went to the same high school though we didn’t cross paths much then. We connect when I saw that she’d started a travel blog to share her adventures traveling for work – I knew I had to interview her. Her job is exactly what I think of whenI picture women balancing working and traveling, and I can’t wait for you to read more about her life, career, and adventures.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Taylor!


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Age: 25

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Current residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Job title: Associate Consultant

Place you’d visit again: Paris

Destination on your bucket list: Germany

One of the million amazing rainbows in Maui, HI peaking out between mountain ranges and fluffy, white clouds.
One of the million amazing rainbows in Maui, HI.

Tell Us About Yourself.

This is my first traveling job and I have learned SO much since I started traveling for work. Prior to this job I would always travel with friends or family, I was never traveling by myself. I learned how to become a stronger and more independent woman now that I travel by myself for work. I have become way more adventurous as well since this new job has brought so many new experiences into my life.

Whenever I fly to a client site, I always make sure to explore around the town. I always ask the staff at the client sites for their suggestion on places to eat and/or things to do in the town I am visiting to get the full experience. Some of my colleagues when they travel, they only go to the client site and then go straight back to their hotel room when they are off work for the day. To me, that is a waste of a trip! If my client is paying for me to fly all the way there and to stay for a week at a time, I am going to make the most of the trip.

Photo of 4 people wearing helmets, each sitting on a horse, getting ready for horseback riding on the beaches of East Maui.
Horseback riding on the beaches of East Maui.

Traveling by yourself can get lonely, so exploring the town that I am sent to helps me stay happy when I am on the road and provides the drive I need to stay eager to travel for my job. I now know all the normal noises that the plane makes and when they should happen during the duration of the flight. Before this job I had bad anxiety when I would fly, but now I am a lot calmer when I fly. I still get anxious when there is severe turbulence on a flight, but now I can look out of the window during it and talk myself down.

Why Do You Travel?

I travel because I want to see as much of the world as I can before I die. I really like learning about other cultures that are completely different from mine.

Explain what you do for work. 

I currently work for the company Cerner Corporation and I am a revenue cycle consultant. I travel across the US to visit clients who have purchased the application that I support. I work with the client to design the application to their needs and I also train the staff on how to properly use the application.

How did you get into this job? 

A friend that I grew up with got a job at Cerner and we had the same education background, so she suggested that I apply for the job as well!

A hump back whale blowing out water out it’s blow hole in Maui, Hawaii.
A hump back whale blowing out water out it’s blow hole in Maui, Hawaii.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I don’t really have a “typical day” because each day can be completely different. Some days I am on client calls all day long, some days I am doing build work all day, and some days I am onsite at a client event. Each week is different, and I really enjoy that. I never get bored of doing the same thing each day. My schedule is completely based around my clients, so whatever they need is what I do each day.

Are you able to easily balance work and travel? If so, how do you balance them?

Yes, I travel for my job, so I get my fill of traveling frequently. There are times during the year where I won’t travel for consecutive months and I will make weekend trips or explore around Kansas City in areas I’ve never been to before to not go stir crazy from not traveling.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

The best lesson I have learned is to start packing for my trip two days before my departing flight so that I can get my laundry done in advance and can visualize everything I am packing in order to make sure I don’t need to make any last-minute trips. Whenever I pack in advance, I sleep better the night before my flight, and cuts down on my travel anxiety. 

Share one of your favorite travel memories.

My favorite travel memory was when I was bumped up to first class on one of my flights I took to a client site. I have never flown first class before, so I felt super fancy being able to sit in first class and waited on the whole flight. A flying tip for anyone who flies Delta: sign up to become a rewards member, download the app, and within the app there is a preference that you can check for the app to automatically look to see if any upgrades are available. That is how I was able to be bumped up to first class for FREE! Yes, you heard that right, free. I have been bumped up to comfort multiple times now just because that preference is checked on the app.

If you could share one travel tip with other women on how to be more sustainable travelers, what would it be?

Try and pack a carry-on suitcase whenever you travel so that you will never run the risk of losing your luggage, I’ve had that happen to me multiple times and I refuse to check my luggage now. To minimize on the clothes, you pack for a trip, pack clothes that are all part of the same color scheme so that you can mix and match the same items but create a whole new outfit. That will save you a ton of room in your luggage. 


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Woman of the Week: Interview with a Revenue Cycle Consultant